Sofa with a cushion cover of the U.K flag

Compact Furniture For Compact Living Spaces

Furniture that is compact is easy to sweep and clean set amidst the parameters. Living space should have compact furniture so that you get ample space to roam around freely and keep necessary items. Compact furniture also ensures that utilitarian items are turned up for you which you can imbibe into a plethora of living space. Folded up furniture to basic furniture you can find a range of all sorts into the ideas behind the structures. Living space ensures that you find your own niche corner when there is not much space available in the section. Be it the garden area or the living area and the kitchen you can have everything beaten up together to create something spectacular and durable. Low maintenance is the key behind the furniture ideas that are placed in the living spaces.

1. Living And Dining Area

Compact space with a modern art picture

Living room is combined with dining table area in a compact surrounding where a modern art picture s stylish yet does not make the place clumsy.

2. Modern Living Room

Living area with beautiful ochre paintings

Living area has sofa and beautiful ochre paintings behind the sofa which is separated by a white colour wooden wall that leads you to the section of the kitchen which is open without any door. Dining area is placed opposite the living area.

3. Living Room With A Cabinet

Compact living area

Cabinet as a separate section in three tiers of drawers is placed in between the sofa which is placed n the brown colour carpet in cut piece that has white colour on the border.

4. Mobile Bed

Window has all the rainbow colours in vertical narrow planks

Window has all the rainbow colours in vertical narrow planks acting as the curtain and low sofa in orange colour that acts as a divan with the folded bed rising up and it can be lowered down as well. The wall has three small shelves on either side. Spanish guitar is placed on the floor.

5. Blue Colour Velvet Material Sofa

Living room with a blue sofa

Check blue colour velvet material sofa with blue back acting as the head board has white colour rised up chair and laptop area with shelves and round table making it a living room combined with office.

6. Stunning Kitchen

Compact kitchen space

The kitchen section though compact has all the necessary items arranged on the shelf, a different kind of washbasin with the sitting section made up in the same wash basin thing has refrigerator, toaster and mixer grinder placed in the place. The door opens outside the garden.

7. L-Shaped Sofa

Sofa with a cushion cover of the U.K flag

The sofas are arranged neatly in L-shaped section with a cushion cover of the U.K flag, cutwork glass acting as the mirror and two identical windows in white colour on the either side looks splendid.

8. Side Cupboard 

Side cupboard is placed with ground touching level

A side cupboard is placed with ground touching level, umbrella case, two small tool like sofa and a mirror in the lobby like section fills the space.

9. Working Section

Working space with a glass table

The working section is so neat that it does not make the place clumsy at all with a single chair in grey cover, glass table having a table light and a small grey tool.

10. Contemporary Living Room

Livng room with a sofa

The sofa is low and similar tool is placed on the opposite side. The carpet section has horizontal colours looks priceless.

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