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Classic Farmhouse Pine Chairs

In the old days farmhouses use wood for furniture. Wood that comes from the forests makes sturdy and long lasting furniture and that is what its purpose was. Nowadays, farmhouse furniture is making a comeback because of the quality of the wood that was used for it and the simple designs. The pine tree is a tree that grows almost anywhere and the fact that it is softwood with fine grains and knots add more to its value. It was also sturdy and a coat of varnish can do wonders for it. It became a popular wood to use not only in furniture but even for building the house with it. We’ve some design ideas that we have collected for classic pine chairs that you may admire and want for your own.

 1. Pine wood Table

wood table

This pine wood dining table comes in a set of pine chairs that will look fantastic in any dining room. The light varnish given to it makes the grains and knots that pine wood has stand out. The light color is also a trait that pine wood have that makes it so attractive.

 2. Informal Farmhouse Dining Room

Farmhouse dining

The pine table is a perfect match to the pine bench and made a statement to this dining area. The bench, designed with a unique base looks sturdy and the stains and grains are natural.

 3. Pine Chairs

 pine chairs dining

The wonderful designs done on the backseat of these pine chairs make them stand out in this dining room. The brown leather cushions placed on the seat matched the color of the wood and made it look fantastic.

 4. Pine Table And Bench

Pine Table And Bench

The chairs are of oak but the table and bench are of pine. Pine is a nice wood to use as its color enables it to be mixed and matched to other wood furniture and enhance their image.

 5.  Black Wood Farmhouse Table And Chairs

Black Wood furniture

The pine table and chairs were painted a dark color and polished and the effect is fabulous. It is the statement of this dining room.

 6. Grains, Knots and Stains

Grains, Knots and Stains

The varnish made the grains, knots and stains that is natural to pine wood stand out in this dining table with matching chairs. The polished and glossy sheen that was given to the wood enhanced the natural beauty of the pine wood.

7.  Table ,Chairs And Bench

able, chairs and bench

The pine wood that was used in this dining table and bench was unpainted but varnished. The natural color and grains of the pine wood stood out and gave a statement to this room.

8.   Dining Room Farmhouse

pine chairs

The beautiful design of the pine chairs made it look fantastic as it matched perfectly with the pine table and the big post that was built in this dining room.

9.  Varnished Pine Table And Chairs


The grains, knots and stains could be seen in this lightly varnished pine table and chairs. They are a fantastic addition to this dining room.

10. Pine Table And Bench Blended

statement to this room

The pine table and bench blended seamlessly to the design of this dining room. Their natural beauty gave a statement to this room.

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