Reclaimed wooden table

Authentic farmhouse dining furniture

When we speak of a farmhouse, the image that comes to mind would be a rustic charming house, a bright and cheerful kitchen and a dining table that groans with all the best produce of the farm. You imagine the dining table to be a long rectangular shaped one made of wood that the owner has fashioned for the household’s use. That is exactly what an authentic farmhouse dining table should look. A simple rectangular shaped, square shaped or even round shaped table that is made from a sturdy tree chopped from the woods and either varnished or painted. Here are some authentic designs of farmhouse dining furniture that you would love to have in your own dining room.

 1.  Wood Table

Wood Table

This lovely wood table with a pedestal trestle base is made of hardwood and painted to a high gloss. The matching wood chairs with black leather cushions are beautiful pieces of furniture that would be a delight to have in the dining room.

2.  Rectangular Table

Whitewashed rectangular table

This whitewashed rectangular table is made of reclaimed wood that has uneven edges on its sides. The trestle base is a sturdy design and made this an authentic picture of a farmhouse dining table.

3. Country Dining Table

Rectangle shaped table

Image source: furniturefromthebarn

This rectangle shaped table is made from chestnut wood and given a high polished look that makes it fabulous. The chairs that matched the table perfectly are made from solid oak and have a timeless design.

4. Farmhouse Dining Table

Long wooden table

This long wooden table comes from reclaimed wood and looks fantastic. It was given a coat of paint and varnished but not to a high gloss that can make you see the imperfections of the wood. The base looks old and uneven but it adds to the authentic look.

 5. Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Table

Large rectangle shaped table

This large rectangle shaped table comes from reclaimed oak and the smooth and polished look is amazing. The chairs match the table perfectly with their polished look but long black bench steals the show.

6. Farmhouse Dining Set

Wonderful walnut dining table

Image source: nkwoodworking

This is a wonderful walnut dining table that would look fantastic in any dining room. The uneven sides of the table are a great design that adds an authenticity to the image. The high gloss given to the table makes it lovely and the sturdy legs would make it a durable piece of furniture.

7.   Oak Farmhouse Table and Bench

Dining table with white base

Image source: furniturefromthebarn

This is a reclaimed oak table that would be strong and durable and would last for a long time. The high gloss of the table contrasts very nicely with the white color of the base and the bench matched it perfectly.

8.  Darkwood Farmhouse table

 Farmhouse table

This is a model of an antique modern farmhouse table that comes in distressed pine wood. The beautiful dark colored balustrade legs are a great design.

9.  Polished Wood Table

Square shaped dining table

This diverts from the usual rectangle shaped table. This square polished wood table coupled with slim dark colored wood chairs is fabulous.

10.  Custom Oak Dining Table

Reclaimed wooden table

Image source: ecustomfinishes

This very simple designed reclaimed wood table has a shiny patina over the dark color that was painted on it. The unpainted wood legs gave it an authentic image.


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