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10 Victorian Style Sofa Designs

Victorian style  furniture is best described as somewhat eclectic, interpretative, classy and sophisticated – just like the model of this style, Queen Victoria! Queens sure exude radiant beauty, classy stature and sophisticated, both in action and fashion. Today, we will be looking at a couple of pictures we collected for you to see which design you would like when designing your Victorian living room design.

A sofa can say a lot about one’s lifestyle and home décor. Give your home a blast from the past with these top notch Victorian styled sofas which bring elegance and sophistication to your living room with a unique twist. If you would like to have such Sofa furniture in your living room , you can buy them at magnolia hall online store.

1.Tufted Victorian Style Sofa

Victorian red sofa

This sofa is an amalgamation of the best features of Russian, Italian and French baroque styles. This sofa will not only make the room look beautiful and regal but will also give it that romantic feeling. This is where comfort meets style.

2. Victorian Style Caravelle warm walnut fabric sofa

Walnut victorian soafa furniture

This French styled sofa has been given a unique twist. The white fabric and diamond pattern gives the old style look a modern dynamic. It is a piece designed for sophistication. The embroidery and subtle colours only add character to this unique sofa.

3. Victorian Style Renaissance Sofa

Beautiful fabric upholstery

Nothing says unique beauty louder than this sofa. The soothing colours make the room seem more comfortable and homely. It has clearly been a design of comfort and style. No one can deny that this piece brings in a distinct element.

4. Majestic  Victorian Sofa design

chocolate color victorian style sofa

Tradition has been redefined in this regal and majestic sofa. Subtle colours, gentle curves and high quality material give it a simple yet stylish finish. This sofa gives off the aura of old European antiques and is obviously of superior fashion.

5. Victorian style Royal Crest Sofa

Royal Crest Sofa

This sofa automatically draws attention with its warm tones and the beautiful cushions which only add to the uniqueness of it. This has been borne of the French Rococo style with few modern modifications. This sofa can bring 17th century Paris to your home.

6.  French Rococo style Victorian sofa

 French Rococo style

The detailed carvings and bulging bombe style clearly that that this has been designed in the French Rococo style. This sofa will make the room look regal and elegant. It is one of high fashion and anyone is bound to fall in love with it.

7. Silver villa retreat Victorian sofa

silver color of the blended fabric upholstery

The accent pillows, silver colour and unique style are parallel to the country villa fashion. The silver trim and studs only serve in adding character and a distinct style to the sofa. This sofa is meant to be one of both style and comfort.

8. Romantic Allison rose Victorian sofa

Victorian style Allison Rose Sofa

The Allison Rose sofa gives the room a feminine touch and espouses romance. This has been designed for comfort, yet still gives off the aura of unparalleled style. Bring 18th century back to your home with this sweet and simple provincial and Chippendale design.

9. Caravelle Pearl Victorian Style Sofa

pearl sofas

Simple yet stylish has never looked better than in this beautifully crafted sofa. It is one of subtle yet outstanding beauty. It takes the French look to a whole new level by infusing comfort with style. It is truly a work of wonder.

10. Elegant Style Victorian Style
victorian style elegant sofa

This sofa is clearly elegance redefined. Soft and subtle colours infused with sophistication and class. This sofa is bound to make the living room look more stylish and luxurious. This is where tradition is given a twist.

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