Sauvignon Victorian style Curio Design

10 Victorian Style Curio Designs For A Living Room

Curios are a great way to add character to a room and flaunt your decorations, valuables, China, etc. The artistry of the Victorian period has been brought to life with a twist in these Victorian styled curios that anyone will fall in love with.  The Victorian Style Curio Designs can truly add a sense of style to your living room as they have a royal sort of atmosphere surrounding them because of their Queen Victorian Era history. This sort of furniture used to be popular in the olden days England and are not as popular as they were during the  Victorian period. Because of that pieces of the luxurious  Victorian style furniture design are not cheap like the modern furniture designs. They are antics which are usually found in antic stores or auctions. Depending of the style and condition of the Victorian style furniture you may have, you could end up having a high valued antic if you have several of them.  But if you would like to keep your home stylish with stylish Victorian furniture , I would not go down the selling way.

In this article we have brought you a collection of various Victorian Style Curio Designs from magnolia that could help you create a stunning Victorian Style Living when you have pieces of this kind.  Hope you get great decorating ideas just by looking at these Victorian style Curios and cabinets.

1. Victorian Style Winchester Curio Design

victorian style curio design

This Curio beautifully depicts the cross between English tradition and modern comfort. The use of gentle curves and textures adds character to the piece and it is finished off with warm tones that can make any home feel homelier.

2.  Victorian Style La Salle Curio China Cabinet

Victorian Style La Salle Curio China Cabinet

Simplicity can sometimes make a statement. Simple is the new sophisticated. The mirrors on the inside and the intricate carvings on the outside contribute to the amazing style. Not only can it be used to flaunt things, but it can be flaunted itself.

3. Victorian Style Magnolia Wall Cabinet


This Curio is small and simple and yet one of clever design. It is fit for both, protecting your valuables as well as showing them off to guests. It is space efficient and its simple look will blend well in any home.

4. Victorian style Louis 16th two door curio design

victorian style two door curio design

The scalloped header and shell centre motif is one of absolute beauty and is bound to astound anyone. This is a simple and elegant piece finished with warm and subtle tones. It adds character to the room with its unique and gorgeous design.

5. Victorian Style Louis 16th one door curio Design

victorian style one door curio design

This too has been fitted with a scalloped header and a shell centre motif. This is perfect in case of problems of space efficiency. It makes the area look more dynamic with its simple yet elegant design. This too has warm tones.

6. Victorian style regency suite curio design

victorian style regency suite curio design

This is a truly unique piece, fitted with marble and narrow glass panels. The mirror inserted in the back panel makes it seem lighter and gives it more depth. High quality wood has been used. This Curio has been very craft fully designed.

7. Sauvignon Victorian style Curio Design

Sauvignon Victorian style Curio Design

This Curio is a piece of art with its gentle curves, detailed carvings and breath taking ornaments. The best quality wood has been used to produce this magnificent and regal Curio that is bound to make any place look more luxurious.

8. Victorian style Royal Crest Curio design

victorian style Royal Crest Curio

The velvet smooth finish and bonnet top give an aura of elegance and sophistication. The unique and distinctive features have been borne of high quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship and a beautiful design. This Curio in itself is something that can be flaunted.

9. Victorian style Chateau Curio Design

victorian design chateau curio

A Curio doesn’t always have to have detailed and intricate carvings and curves to be considered sophisticated or stylish. The mirror fitted at the back is meant to bring in light and the entire design is one of clever craftsmanship.

10. Caravelle Pearl Victorian style Curio Design

victorian style caravelle-pearl  curiovictorian style caravelle-pearl  curiovictorian style caravelle-pearl  curiovictorian style caravelle-pearl curiovictorian style caravelle-pearl  curio

This Curio will definitely stand out. It pushes past clichés to create its very own identity. The French look has never looked better. The pearl and metallic finish gives it a certain level of elegance that just adds to the dynamics of it.

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