10 Modern Victorian Bedroom Furniture

Victorian Style bedroom furniture is inspired by rugged colors like brown, mauve and ebony shades. Victorian style is also highlighted with opulence and everything that is grand and magnificent. Lot of detailing is given to the interior as well as to the furniture. It is the most beautiful looking furniture and well decorated. It gives the home that luxury appearance no matter how few the Victorian pieces you have. They act as a focal point in the room.  Like we all know Victorian furniture is vintage furniture which was much popular in the Victorian era in England.

Now it has gone world word and now the Victorian style furniture can be found in France known as French furniture.  Here are the 10 designs of the modern Victorian bedroom furniture. Drama and magnificence are other elements that are key to the Victorian style rooms and furniture.

victorian headbord and drawers

A deep colored bed with bed spread and pillow covers, wooden flooring and Victorian painting hangs in one wall. An old chestnut brown chair is kept in one side of the bed. The look is of a classic novel of Literature.

Imperial Bronze Beddings Divan Bed

divan bed headboard

Fluffy carpet with white suede material head of the bed with black and oxidized printed bed cover and a nude shade of the wall minimizes the gothic look of the room. A flower stand on the glass table gives an urban taste to the modern style Victorian look.

Victorian Style Wooden Bed Design

victorian wooden bed

Dull oxidized bed spread on small height bed with lots of pillows and cushions, an elaborate white carving of the mirror and fireplace with mat finish carpeted area over the wooden flooring. Kings palace look is highlighted in the room.

Stylish Victorian Bedroom Furniture

stylish victorian bed
Chestnut brown flooring and chestnut brown wooden bed with white sheets and two long windows with canvas window curtains is the look of the room. A printed carpet in nude shade over the wooden flooring gives a warm look.

Dark wood Victorian bed and Chest of Drawers

Victorian bed and chest of drawers
Ivory bed with both chocolate and hazelnut brown color bed of the Victorian style that is sturdy and elegant with a dome shaped window and lamp shade coupled with small miniature paintings. The paint somewhat neutralizes the otherwise gothic look of the room.

Luxurious Victorian Style Bedroom Furniture

Victorian Style bedroom furniture
Simple wooden comfortable bed with light blue paint walls and ceiling and dome shaped glass window that looks like door gives it an opulent feeling. Airy and spacious room with minimal furniture is the highlight.

Estate Victorian Style Bed.

estate victorian bed design

A small chestnut brown bed with low height and less width with a similar kind of one seated sofa in front of the bed and two wooden square like basket on the wall with climbers jutting from it completes the look. Printed flower carpet in gothic color adds more drama to the entire room.

Victorian bed bench Design

victorian bed bench style
A very simple wooden bed with wooden cabinet system with many drawers and dark paint completes the look of the Victorian design. Added fireplace is an advantage and typical of the Victorian style interior. Garden fresh green leaf like arrangement in a black rectangular box is kept on top of the cupboard.

Bed bench bedroom furniture

Bed bench

Black chair cum sofa with bed and kettle and cups arranged on the sofa itself acts as a acts as a Victorian touch to the drama of the room. Drawers neatly arranged in a cabinet form with ebony wood on one side fills the room with the dark color. The room looks more like Shakespearean times.

Earl Court Victorian Style Dresser and Mirror

victorian dresser and mirror style

For women having bedroom dresser and mirror makes the life easier when apply makeup on themselves. A nice Victorian style bedroom dresser and mirror kind of gives the happy feeling and sense of fashion for women.

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