10 Lime Green Bedroom Furniture Ideas

The colour lime green is associated with citrus fruits called limes, it is a vibrant colour and offers a clean, fresh and bright look to the bedroom.  Lime green is one example of the clever use of colors as it is a combination of yellow and green colors which forms some sort of beautiful bright yellowish green color as an end result.

Your bedroom is the ultimate place of relaxation after a long tiring day and hence it’s ideal to have soothing colours for the chamber. Lime green is a trendy choice today when the homeowners are looking for inviting bedroom shades. Here are some great ideas for lime green bedroom furniture ideas.

1. Touch of green everywhere


It’s a beautiful lime green bedroom setting with a cute double bed aptly covered in a lime green bed sheet. The touch of green everywhere right from the pillows to curtains to blanket to table lamp to flower vases seems complimentary for the entire ambience. The bright red headrest forms a cute contrast.

2.Lime Green Looks Good With White,Blue and cozy Colour Schemes In This Bedroom



The white windows have formed a fine contrast with the overall lime green environ. The double bed looks cozy and the touch of green & blue almost everywhere in the room forms a good match-up with the wall colour. The wooden nightstand looks elegant.

3.White,blue and lime green kid’s bedroom


A lime green bedroom is aptly complemented by dark blue which has been duly portrayed by this lime green setup. The bed looks comfy and its navy blue curved headrest is a quite a treat and so the cute cushioned bench.

4.White and Black Bedroom With Lime Green At The Back Of The Bed


The use of lime green at the back of the bed has formed a wonderful contrast with the massive use of white all over the room starting from the other walls, the bed, the pillows and the lamp stand. The wooden night stands add on depth in the room.

5.A Bed Room With Lime Green Feel Its Cushion,Blanket And The Cute Bench


A lime green bedroom does not always have to have the specific color on the wall and you can still beget that very feel with a hint of the particular shade in your bedroom accessories. The setting has smartly adapted the lime green feel its cushion, blanket and the cute bench by the end of the bed.

6.The Single Dark Wooden Bed Looks Good With The Lime Green Back Drop In Kids Bedroom


The single dark wooden bed looks really classy amidst a lime green backdrop and so the wooden side table. The traditionally patterned vintage mirror has added on good depth in the room and you will surely love the trendy wall lamps.

7.White And Lime Green Bedroom With A Black Tufted Bench


Lime green and white always forms a very soothing contrast which is s aptly defined by this particular setting. The wooden night stand evokes class and the double white bed is no less than a visual treat. You will definitely adore the cute navy blue tufted bench.

8.A Bedroom With Some Lime Green Shades


The room has tastefully used the lime green by incorporating the soothing shade in the different bedroom accessories like lamp stands, carpets, photo frame, telephone and cushion. You have a neat minimalist setting here with a bed, two long lamps and one tufted sofa.

9.Blue At The Back Of The Bed Complements With Lime Green On The Side Wall


The use of blue at the back of the bed duly complements with lime green on the side wall. The white bed, cupboard and nightstand altogether create a really spacious and soothing ambience.

10.Off White Bedroom With Lime Green On Table Lamp,Curtain Ends And Cushions

The off-white bedroom has smartly adopted the lime green theme with small touches of the shade on different bedroom accessories like curtain ends, cushion and table lamp. The white bed, night stand, table and chair ensure a fresh comfortable ambience.

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