Shoe Storage Unit

10 John Lewis Small Space Hall Way Storage Space Solutions

Small Space Hall Way Storage

Hallways are Gateways to Something New and Beautiful.  In a small house with a narrow hall way maximising space becomes even more vital and having creative  Small Space Hall Way Storage Space Solutions can be useful.

What is a hallway? It is simply a corridor. This looks to be a dead space where people just come and go. It is an empty space that nobody dares to think that for those who have small space, this hollowed area can be considered a place for storage. This can look so welcoming by choosing the right kind of furniture pieces to make this area come alive. Who says that hallways are just there, nothing but just lifeless part of the room? Here are some 10 John Lewis small space hallway storage space solutions to bring this part of your house inviting and worth your guests’ attention.

John Lewis Coat Stands

1. HND Cafe Black Coat Stands

HND Cafe Coat Stands

Image source: Johnlewis

2. John Lewis Wooden Coat Stand By Alex

John Lewis wooden coat stand

Image source: Johnlewis

It is nice to be greeted with these simple coat stands. In snowy and windy seasons, these are simply great place to hang your coats. Your coats are just perfectly there waiting to be used. The idea of placing a coat stand rightly located in a hallway saves you space and time looking for your coats and make you organized too.

John Lewis Shoe storages

3.   Modular Shoe Caddy system

closetMAX by neatfreak

4.  John Lewis Porto Shoe Storage Unit

Shoe Storage Unit

What if these shoe storages be considered to be displayed on hallway? This is a convenient way to organize the shoes you wear on a regular basis. It is good storage zone where you can deposit your shoes and pull them anytime you want to use them. This is a unique entrance idea that welcomes your feet to relax as you take off your shoes and put them neatly on these layered shoe racks. This space solution idea also gives your children safety. Imagine all the shoes scattered at the door entrance, anybody might get trip off. Who else would ensure that safety measures are taken inside your home? You have to take charge.

John Lewis Wall Hooks

5.  Umbra Multi Flip Hook

 compact hooks

6. Wenko Self Adhesive Rectangular Hooks

Rectangular Hooks

Consider these wall hooks as practical storage places where you can drop all your keys and even coats or small items which you can misplace once you enter your door. If your hallway is too narrow, this is an economical way to keep and organize small things at home. So why be disorganized with items like umbrellas, keys, coats and other small apparatuses you regularly use when this can be smart way to use empty space for storing tiny items? This solves your simple storage problems.


Space saver cabinets

7.   Porto Storage Bench

oak Storage Bench

8. Tall shoe cabinet with 3 drop down storage compartments

 3 drop down storage

Along the hallway, these space saver cabinets can be installed on walls. These cabinets with or without doors, have multi-purpose storage. When installed on walls, they can be great storage territory for some home products needed for refills. It can be a shelf displaying your treasured memorabilias. You may dressed it up with any long crochet table runner and display family pictures on top of the cabinet.


Hall mirrors

9.  Northgate Hallway Mirror

solid oak frame mirror

10. Bold Rectangular mirror

 bold mirror that's the perfect size

These are wall mirrors that can be hanged along the walls of the hallway. It is a groovy way to check on your overall chic appearance before you leave your flat or home as you see your final reflection on the mirror. It can also be an accessory as you decorate your hallway to make it a warm welcoming experience.

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