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10 Cool DIY Hanging Table Ideas

You can a create a cool DIY hanging table for a room in your house by having the table top material in form of wood, metal or  cardboard and connect a piece of string to the ceiling or rail to support it. This is called DIY process instead of hiring a carpenter to help you design it.  DIY or do it yourself is the new trending thing where you do and make things on your own. You can assemble new parts or some old household things that are of no use any more to make a useful thing. It is a way where you can break the monotony of mass produced products and infuse colors and designs that you like. Infuse your life with the creativity that is there within you and create what you want. You will love it all since you have made it. Here are some ideas that you can use to make cool tables.

1. DIY Hanging Table

piece of wood

If you have a piece of wood that is of no use, here is how you can make an amazing hanging table out of it. All you need to do is use strings or wires that will hold it in its place and hang it from the ceiling. Your hanging table is ready. The distressed look is what it is all about.

2.   Kid’s Bedroom With Tin Leads

Tin lids add unique element to this room

You can use silver box covers or tin lids to add unique element to your room. Make holes on three sides and hang it from the ceiling. You can use it to decorate flower pots or even keep books on it.

3.   Black Long Elated Table

Contemporary living room with long elated table

If you have a living room that has a contemporary style you can go for this hanging table. A long elated table in black that goes with all color backgrounds and also provides with good table space for keeping things.

4.   Small Bed Side Table

Small bed side table with little drawer

A small table by the side of your bed to keep a few things. You can make little drawers and compartments as well like in this one to store things. It does not even occupy much space and serves the purpose.

5.   Wooden Slab With A Mattress And Cushion On It

Rustic porch with a wooden slab hanging

A wooden slab, with a mattress and cushion on it hung outside or in the backyard of your house can be like a swing where you can just sit and relax. It is ideal for some me time that you might want.

6.   Hanging Table Amidst The Trees

Hanging table with a candle and flowers on it

For a candlelight dinner or a date that you might be planning amidst the trees an hanging table can be the thing that you need. You can simply hang it from a tree and put a candle on it along with some flowers.

7.   Old Swing Used As Hanging Table

food and glasses are saved on the hanging table

An old swing can be used as a hanging table. In between the trees you could use it as a table to keep all the food and glasses. It will surely turn out to be very different and nice. The one in the picture shows how well you can play with a color such as lavender.

8.   Small But Sufficient Hanging Table

Hanging table with a chair beside

To just sit and spend time talking and getting in the mood of a vacation over some wine you could use your backyard swing to be your table. Small but sufficient to keep the bottle and glasses and just one or two chairs to sit and enjoy it.

9.   Hanging Table With Flower Pots In It

Hanging table idea  with flower pots in it

Another great way of using a hanging table is to store or keep flower pots in them. You could make cut outs for the number of vases that you wish to keep and then simply keep them.

10.   Simple Table In White And Black Ropes To Hang

Simple table give the room a whole new look

You could in the living room of your house make a hanging table where you could sit and interact with your family. A simple table in white and black ropes to hang it can give the room a whole new look.

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