10 Chic Lucite Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables can also be referred to as a coffee tables, stylised in a very narrow and low outlook. It is generally placed near a sofa or couch, for a stylish hold for the beverages, magazines, decorative objects and all the other small knick-knacks that you would like to keep while sitting. They are usually found in the living room or sitting room and are available in a lot of different colors and designs. One of the most trending ones are the chic Lucite styled cocktail tables. Lucite is a top favourite of the furniture makers today given its edgy transparent beauty. With Lucite cocktail tables, you have clarity of the glass and the material denotes a superior feel in comparison to the traditional plastics.

Here are some of the Lucite cocktail table ideas that you can take a clue from:

1.   Yellow Cocktail Table

Yellow cocktail table right beside the sofa

The room with a basic colour palette of grey has been well played with the color yellow. The yellow cocktail table right beside the sofa matching with the shelf behind, adds the much needed color to the room. There is another clear glass table in front of the sofa that has been decorated with a grey structure.

2.   Modern Structured Cocktail Table


Cocktail table with chic transparent feel

A very modern structured cocktail table with chic transparent feel and well defined curved lines that render a dreamy look. The curved legs also provide with a little storage space to keep magazines.

3.   Simple Designed Table


Simple designed table duly matching up the decor in the room

The picture shows a very simple designed table duly matching up the decor and color palette of the room. The table is like an upside U with black detailing as the frame. The table has enough space to hold books, a candlelight stand, decorative objects and any other thing that you want.

4.   Low Structured Cocktail Table


Cocktail table with the sexy transparent sheen

The table is low structured cocktail table with the sexy transparent sheen. Lucite has been used as U structure that has been turned down. This is the best part about Lucite that you can give it any structure and shape.

5.   Cocktail Table Surrounded With Chairs

Dining room with a cocktail table

This cocktail table has been surrounded with chairs in similar and different materials. The legs of the table will surely remind you of Bob the Builder or the Mechanic games that you played when you were young. It has a very raw and chic look.

6.   Home Office With A Cocktail Table

Contemporary home office

Cocktail tables are not just about coffee tables beside the sofa any more. People are really taking Lucite tables to a next level. The one in the picture is just another example how well a purpose it can serve in the study area. A minimalist look and no fuss person will surely love this idea.

7.   Chic Lucite Table

Entrance with Lucite table

A chic Lucite table right at the entrance of your house will definitely grab a lot of attention and you are sure to receive volumes of appreciations. The table has been used well to keep a family photo-frame and a white vase with color matching flowers.

8.   Avino Cocktail Table

Solid structured table

You are getting a more solid structured table here that has been designed very low. The table looks like it has been assembled in two parts. The leg structure has been attached to a flat surface that provides as the table space.

9.   Aqua Themed Table

Tropical fountain aqua coffee table.

The picture shows a very different and unique concept for a table. The aqua themed table is exotic and worth noticing. The table has an aquarium which is clearly visible through all the transparent sides and provides the table with a refreshed aura.

10.   Rectangular Table Top


Rectangular table-top assures grand space

A rectangular table-top assures grand space for your cocktails, snacks and other pertinent knick-knacks. The sheer transparent beauty of Lucite has rendered an understated dose of glam which is sure to earn appreciation.

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