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Wonderful ideas for dining room cabinets

Placing cabinets in the dining room would not only be storage spaces but also lovely spots to put into display period pieces of cutlery or other decor that have been either inherited or bought. It can also be a great place to store expensive tableware that would protect them rather than store them in the kitchen cabinets. Storage of beautiful pieces of glasses and goblets would also be one of the uses of the dining room cabinet. More often than not, dining room cabinets also bear the brunt of storing things from the kitchen that has run out of storage space. Whatever the reason, here are some dining room cabinets designs that would be a wonderful addition to it.

1.Kitchen With A White Colored Long Cabinet

kitchen cabinets

This white colored long cabinet that almost took up the entire wall is a great design of glass doors and closed drawers. The open shelf in the middle is a great spot for decors. The beautiful designs made on top and sides of the cabinet are wonderful.

2.  Dining Room with Display Unit

dining room with cabinets

The long open shelves in the middle of this black display unit served as the perfect spot for showcasing family heirlooms. This added more personality to this glass cabinet. The closed cabinet space give ample storage space.

3.  White Cabinet With A Contrast Color Of  Black In The Counter

White Cabinet

This white cabinet got a contrast color of black in the counter that was placed in the middle. This counter would be a great place to display some personal things that have sentimental value to the homeowner.

4.White Cabinet With Black Handles And A Lighted Middle Open Shelf

under cabinet lighting

This white cabinet with black handles and a lighted middle open shelf is a great design that looks great in this dining room. The mosaic design at the back of the open shelf puts a flattering touch to the decors.

5.  Open Shelves Of  This Long White Cabinet Look Warm And Charming

open shelves

image source: Ikid

The open shelves of this long white cabinet look warm and charming. The matched crockery displayed on the shelves make it charming and the chicken ceramic decor adds to the image.

6. Dining cabinet near doorway

fantastic use of the window

The fantastic use of the doorway to include it in the cabinet design makes this a unique idea. The cabinets can be seen through the door way window makes  the counter top a great spot to put decors that would add more aesthetic beauty to the dining room.

7. Great Design For Small Spaces

Cabinet hardware is Hafele

This is a great design for small spaces. The glass cabinet faced the kitchen island and is adjacent to the dining room as well. A mirror placed at the back of the open shelf of the cabinet reflected images that help to make the room bigger.

8. Breaking up dark cabinets with glass door fronts

breaking up dark cabinets with glass door fronts

The dark wood cabinet looks like a period piece itself and displaying period pieces on the open shelves in the middle is a fantastic idea. The glass covered shelves at the sides are great designs as well.

9.The Small White Cabinet Tucked Into A Corner

Woven dining chairs

The small white cabinet tucked into a corner is unobtrusive yet wonderful looking as well. The open shelf in the middle made a great spot to put a vase and flowers on it.

10.  Peach Colored Cabinets all around the dining table

cabinets all around the dining table

image source: eladgonen

The wonderful designs done on the glass doors of this peach colored cabinet gives an elegant air to the dining room. The black handles are a great contrast to the peach colored cabinets.

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