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Inspirational Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

Dining room is like a parlor when you can have hearty conversations over a cup of coffee or even during sumptuous dinner time. Hence, it should reflect calmness with serenity, liveliness with fun accessories, Greek classiness with Roman lucidness and Florentine lampshades to Latin chandeliers. Designs of urban dining room is gaining momentum after unconventional restaurants designs hovering the elite crowd. Airy, gloomy, sunlight penetrating or swimming pool facing dining room interiors are to look out for.

In this post we are showcasing  pictures  some of the Inspirational Modern Dining Room Design Ideas for you to choose which ideas will best work for your dining room remodel and furniture design. As the dining room is a place where you converse with your family and friends as you enjoy lovely meals. It is better to make design it to the way that makes your home feel more homely.

1. Transparent Bright Modern Dining Room

modern dining room set

It is a garden facing petite dining space with artificial long sea husks kept on the table for a modern look. The outside view of green and blue surrounds the inside of the dining room. A four-seater dining table requires just one lamp to fill in light to the entire space.

2.  Calming Brown Modern Dining Room

calming dining

Soothing creamy colour attracts the eyes. It is a project of an aura of reserve and warmth. Concentration has been given to a huge round table and wall colour lofty chairs. Chandelier and an extra chair has been kept in one corner for additional person.

3.  Neutral Modern Dining Room

white and brown wooden furniture

This dining room is made with the purpose of ‘Green’ environment hencefort, the tabloid ‘Eat your greens’. White monolith bench on one side and two chairs on the opposite side, thread like strings used as a chandelier, white curtains, simple glass box for candle. One can enjoy a calm candle-light dinner.

4.   Formal Modern Dining Room

formal dining room

Open dining room with kitchen and a living room is very banquet style, three identical lamps jutting from the ceiling one at the one-person coffee table, one over the dining table and one over the kitchen place. Teapots and napkins fills a French portrait designed all compassing area. Highlighting feature is the space that refrigerator is taking up-absolutely nil because it is well fitted in and looks as if it’s a silver cabinet and a low terrace cultivated steps over the tea or coffee chair shelf where the chair also shifts in without taking up space.

5. Classy Brown Furniture formal dining room

classy formal dining room

A book-zone dull dining space with nothing elaborate excepting a library zone with dining area. Dull wood tables to hardwood book shelf to piano wood chairs and a carpet over the dining table and two window blinds are all you need to create this look.

6. Pearl modern furniture dining room

pearl modern dining room

Ruskin Bond’s description fits into this dining area. Artistic, soft and fluffy chairs corresponding to the mirror Magi feel low cabinets, dreamy curtains wine bottle, goblet jar of baby pink fluid gives it a silky-yet French cuisine style dining room with intricate dining table pattern.

7. Simple dining room

modern dining room

This design is non-expensive but a lot of accessories can accentuate the entire look.Icy blue lamp on table top, sparkling chandelier, some sea creature paintings and showpiece and green downward sloping lamps hanging from the rod adds drama to this dining zone.

8. Victorian style modern dining room

Victorian modern dining room

This design concept has been inspired by warmth Larsen-colour fabric of chairs and bench with upholstered paintings on the theme colour paint on the walls and a chandelier just merging with glass vase.

9. Victorian style furniture dining room design

Victorian style furniture dining room design

This dining room looks as if it will seat around 100 visitors apparently because of the length of the space. It looks a palatial dining room with a striking resemblance to the Faluknama Palace of Hyderabad. No wonder the elephant shaped lamp shade adds little Indian touch to it.

10. Small round dining room with upholstery furniture

small modern dining room

If basic and comfort is your choice go for a simple small round table and comfortable furry chairs with a dash of long flowery-beads to add colour to the area.

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