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Large seating for 12-14 dining table designs

Large seating usually happens when there are occasions like family gatherings, large scale entertaining, reunions or wakes. Large families have gone with the wind like times past and modern times have smaller number of children that did away with living on a big scale. Still, though, there are people who need large dining room seating designs due to lifestyle, work that demands entertaining at home or having a large family. Designs for tables for large seating have been updated because there is still a demand for it and some may be opulent, some whimsy, some rustic but they all are fantastic designs meant to solve the problem of having to seat 12-14 people at the same time.

 1.  Square Dining Room Table

Dining Room Table

image source: hannbuilt

This large high gloss wooden square table could easily seat 12 people in one sit down dinner. The high back wooden chairs with plush cushions perfectly matched the opulence of the table and made this dining room amazing.

 2.  Diy Outdoor Dining Table

  Diy Outdoor table

image source: homeandpatiodecorcenter

This long unpainted wood rectangle table is perfect for the patio setting. The unpainted wood chairs match the table and made this table setting charming and delightful.

 3.  Shaped Wood Table

Shaped Wood Table

image source: ointeriordesign

The long semi glossy rectangular shaped wood table could seat as many as 14 people max. The wonderful idea of using mismatched chairs and a sofa made this dining room warm and comfortable.

4. Wood Dining Table Chairs

Table Chairs

image source: dustinpeckphoto

The high gloss of the rectangle table with large wood bases coupled with cream colored matching chairs makes this a very formal seating for 12-14 people. Formal sit down dinners would be perfect for this dining room.

 5.  Wood Benches

 large wood table

Image source: dustinpeckphoto

This semi glossy large wood table is a lovely design that could also seat as many as 14 people. The use of matching wood benches at each end of the table is a great idea.

 6.  Rectangle Wood Table

Rectangle Wood Table with chairs

Image source: fusionhomefashion

The distressed large rectangle wood table is a beautiful design that could also seat 12-14 people easily. The use of blue colored chairs is a lovely contrast to the wood table.

7. Unpainted Table

 Unpainted Table

image source: splashkitchens

This large wood table could easily fit 12 people in one sit down dinner. The unpainted table is matched by wood chairs that were fitted with gray colored seat cushions that gave a warm and inviting touch to this dining room.

 8.  Rectangle Shaped Table

 Rectangle Shaped Table

image source: merigo

The highly polished large table may look smaller than the other rectangle shaped tables but as shown could be used by 12 people in one seating. The use of plum colored loveseats at both ends of the table is a great idea.

 9.  Wicker Chairs

wood table

image source: summerour

This large semi glossy wood table would look right in a country home setting. The use of large wicker chairs at both ends of the table contrasted very well with the cream fabric covers of the wooden chairs.

10. Green Sofa

Green Sofa

The garden terrace setting fits to a T the large green table that is used for seating 12-14 people. The use of a green sofa at one end of the table is a great accent.

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