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All of us want to keep in mind the years trends while designing or re-decorating any part of the house. If you are planning on a makeover for your dining room you must consider designs that look lavish and flamboyant. The period has come when each one of us wants to show off.  Each of the things in the room has to be chosen very carefully so that it looks glamorous. Today, we will be showcasing 10 glamorous Contemporary Dining Room furniture sets that will put the bars high when choosing the dining set you will be getting for your homes. The pictures we have below come in different shapes, colors, materials, and they most definitely vary in size. Information is everything, so to insure that you have made the best decision about buying the perfect modern dining table, you have to know exactly what you want and then search for it.

1.   Beige Brown Dining Room

 Chairs have soft cushions for seating

A dining room in beige and brown is one of the most classic yet luxurious color palette. The cabinets and shelf match the dining table which is the centrepiece in the room. The chairs have soft cushions for seating.

2.   Elegantly Designed Dining Room

Dining room with comfortable ash blue chairs

A very elegantly designed room where one wall has a baroque styled wallpaper in gold and silver. The chairs have been made very differently and look like ones you would have in a living room. They are in ash blue and spell out comfort loud and clear.


3.    Cream Coloured Couch Like Chairs 


Dining room with a long dining table

The long dining table that stretches in the entire room with just a little decoration in the middle looks fabulous. The wooden table is well complimented with cream coloured couch like chairs. The overhead hanging light also matches the decor of the room.


4.   Neutral Dining Room

The back of the chairs have very subtle designs

The room is a depiction of how neutral colours can well be used in the form of wallpapers, chairs and drapes to create a quiet atmosphere. The back of the chairs have very subtle designs that looks great with the dark black color.


5.   Floral Patterned Chairs

Floral patterned chairs in bright hues

The room looks great with the vibrant chairs made from great abstract and floral patterns in bright hues. The legs of the chairs are clear and transparent which further enhances the splashes of color. The table is simple with a lot of flowers on it.


6.   Dining Room With A Fireplace


Elegant dining chairs

Having a fireplace in the dining room is a very good idea. All the things from the table, chairs, the bowl on the table, the overhanging glass light all look very elegant and in perfect synchronization with each other.


7.   Vintage Dining Chairs

Soft gently curving seats have been supported by rectilinear chrome frames

The soft gently curving seats that have been supported by rectilinear chrome frames gives it a touch of vintage dining chairs. The solid wooden table with a meshy overhanging light is a good combination. The colourful artwork against the dull grey background lightens up the room.

8.   Black Chairs With Metallic Detailing


Glossy metallic and black has worked out great together

The choice of glossy metallic and black has worked out great together. The black wooden flooring, the black wallpaper, black chairs with little metallic detailing on the back and the wooden table go well with the subtle metallic colored lights, and gray draperies.

9. Minimal modern dining room

pink and white accent armchair.

The curvy transparent chairs with rectilinear chrome frames compliment the clear table with a simple leg structure. The overhanging light too has a clear cover that matches the overall decor of the room.

10.  Bright Pink Dining Chairs

 pink and white accent armchair.

The round wooden table used for the dining area is great. Since the dining room cum living room is in all white the bright pink chairs break the monotone and add a little drama to the room. The white flowers in a clear vase on the table also look great.





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