Dining Room

Enhanced Designs for Dining Room Storage

Storage problems have always been a major headache for home owners . Utilising every possible in a creative way to create storage space to keep away belonging while space to use has become a vital thing in everyday living.  The use of cupboards, cabinets, boxes and shelving are much convenient spaces and has become popular.  Dining rooms and kitchens tend to have more of their share of this because of the cutlery used. Food needs to be stored, utensils, plates, glasses, the list is endless. To help the home-makers on this, we’ve come up with some ideas ad designs that may not only solve the problem but enhance the image of your dining room. Have a look at these Enhanced Designs for Dining Room Storage systems below.

1.   Storage Cabinet Made In The Traditional Style

Storage cabinet design made in the traditional style

The cabinet that grandmother used to have. This type of cabinet is not only elegant but it can store so many things.

2.   Modern Style Cabinet

White modern style storage cabinet

Modern style cabinet done up in white to fit any room color design. Big spaces at the bottom allow storage of bigger food containers.

3.   Open Storage Cabinets

Open storage cabinets design

The use of open storage cabinets is a modern idea. Numerous spaces are provided in this storage cabinet and look pretty at the same time.

4.   Elegant Dark Wood Storage Cabinet

Dining room with a dark wood storage cabinet

A dark wood storage cabinet that is elegant to look at yet serves the function. Pictures or simply a vase with flowers can be placed in the middle of the cabinet to add a nice touch.

5.   Contemporary Dining Room

Contemporary dining room with an open storage cabinet

Having an open cabinet would be the solution for storage problems. It has a lot of room to store things in and could even double duty as storage for books and magazines.

6.   Eclectic Living Room With Storage Cabinet

White storage cabinet design

This kind of storage cabinet does not have compartments but goes straight through. Things can be stored side by side and the picture it would present would be cozy.

7.   Kid’s Room With Open Storage Cabinets

Open storage cabinet with some books on them

Kid’s room with the storage open cabinet. It is short for the books and toys to be stored at eye level. It is easy for the kid to reach out for the book or toys with this kind of storage.

8.   Storage Cabinet Made In The Traditional Style

Storage cabinet design made in the traditional style

A storage cabinet made in the traditional style. Beautiful yet functional for its storage capacity. Forks, spoons and knives can be placed in the drawers.

9.   Storage Cabinet Is Not Only Pretty It’s Functional

Dining room with white storage cabinets

This storage cabinet is not only pretty, it’s functional. Compartments have three tiers in which the highest could be used to store big containers. Numerous drawers for the utensils.

10.   Space Beneath The Stairs Used For Storage

Wonderful space saver storage

The space beneath the stairs can be used for storage. Compartments and drawers can be placed in. This is not only functional, it’s a wonderful space saver.


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