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10 Dining Rooms with Bay Window Designing Ideas

A bay window in the dining room adds character to the whole room appearance as it brings in natural light and brightness. Some people do not see bay windows as something they could leave open for natural light as it disturbs the unite and privacy of their home and so they cover them with curtains .  There is something special about a bay window in the house, in small spaces they could prove to be useful as you can open the curtains to bring in light and make the room appear bigger.

In this post we are looking at Dining Rooms with Bay Window Designing Ideas . A dining table Sitting beside the window and having several breakfast, luncheons and dinners is ideal and especially if the view from the outside is beautiful. The dining rooms need to be artistically crafted with best of architecture that fits in with the bay window designs. Embrace yourself with the dining room bay window ideas below:-

1. Round Dining Table with chairs Next to the Big Window

Round Dining Table

A round table glass top with wooden legs and wooden chairs with white cover surrounds the dining room. Long windows with rectangular panels shaped in them with roll up canvas are the way bay windows are designed.

2. Wide Bay Window Dining with Beautiful Views

Wide Bay Window Dining

The dining room has many windows of big size from which great sea view can be seen looks marvelous in white paint, printed sofas and a crème coloured sofa. The place looks a joint venture of both dining room and drawing room.

3. Sturdy tables and chairs

modern dining room

Two sets of dining table are arranged in the dining room with a small and a big one. Sturdy tables and chairs is the idea behind the dining room. The space has a carpet with big door like windows that have grills are provided to the dining room.

4. Rich Cream White Dining Room with Round Ceiling

square dining table

A little raised wooden platform where square dining table of a large size with comfortable chairs are set and two lamp like lights hang from the top and give light to the dining area zone. Spectacular big windows are placed and you can see the withered tree with snow flake that gives feel of the autumn season.

5. Traditional dining near by window

chairs tied with ribbon knots

Dining table that rests just before the window from which stoned walls of the outside can be seen gives an amorphous look. Along with chairs a sofa built in the wall also rests with the dining table. The chairs have ribbon like knots tied at the back of its legs.

6. Dining Located Nearby Windows

contemporary dining furniture

Rich wooden flooring with the dining table and a window with sill resting as the seating arrangement gives lot of space for people to sit. Two giant sized chairs with cover and three plastic chairs are placed in the area.

7. Countryside Dining nearby Big Arch Bay Window

Countryside Dining nearby  window

Semi-circular shape that leads you to the huge windows with a divan supporting the window for sitting with printed curtains hanging on them with light wood tables and black and white chairs is the total setting of the dining table. Cabinets are provided with chandeliers on top hanging below.

8. Dinette by Window Side

Dinette by Window Side

A very soft tone colour on the wall with a chair, a small sofa and divan in printed blue is placed in the space that is provided. An inverted triangular shaped glass is kept in the middle and French windows fill the room.

9. French Style Dining with Bay window

French Style Dining with Bay window

A big oval shaped wooden dining table with cushion material chairs, golden embellishment, false ceiling, wooden flooring and bay windows complete the architectural design of the dining room.

10. Purple Dining With Bay Window

purple dining room

A narrow rectangular glass dining table with white panel acting as the border on all four sides, box like chair and normal chairs in white wood is placed alongside massive windows that two have white panels arranged on it.


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