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10 Elegant dining room Table Arrangement Ideas

Dining tables are usually elegant which follow somewhat a traditional pattern with a contemporary twist. The arrangement is done aesthetically so that royalty is transfixed. Designer lights, light furniture, soft colours, flower arrangement, wooden plank, ornate ceiling and wall paper fill the place. Glass structure, sombre look and ornamental designs of the table combined with chairs, its seat cover, back splash cover of the chairs and glass on top of the table makes the look complete with wallpaper. Big and small painting on the walls of modern art, contemporary art and traditional pictures of big landscape size spread and carpet spread beneath the table on the wooden plank is the usual way but pebbles strewn inside the living room gives an edgy look. Show pieces and statues of porcelain give a magnificent touch to the place with different colours. Have a look at these Elegant dining room Table Arrangement Ideas to see if they can be of help to you.

1. Brown And Cream White Dining with Flora wallpaper

formal dining style

Big globular shaped wide diamond strewn chandelier hangs from top and illuminates the place. Shiny wooden table and cut glass show piece is placed on the table top.

2. Flower like Lighting hangs from the ceiling as chandelier

dining room with wall art

A flower like swing hangs from the ceiling as chandelier. Neat white table top and chairs of soft material is placed. A flower painting hangs on one wall. A golden string like basket is placed on the table.

3.  Granite Kitchen Island As Dining Table

black granite kitchen countertop

Granite table top with one side protruding as round structure is the edgy look. Tools are placed with a small leaf cut out from the centre. The table has shelves in which cutlery is kept to economise space.

4.  Wooden Dining Furniture Arrangement

Wooden Dining

All wooden structure, flooring, table, chair and wall look ambient. Leather seats provide a different edge to the otherwise, monotone of the wooden furniture in the dining area.

5. Small Beach Style dining Area by Bay window

round dining table with four chairs

A square wooden table is placed in the centre, a round table in another corner and a small table in another corner. A printed light pink sofa from back and white print sofa from the front is the highlight. Other sofas are printed with olive green colour. It makes a visual treat as spring collection.

6. Polished and ornate wooden table

6 seater dining table arrangement

Polished and ornate wooden table, chair and flooring with Aubusson carpet is the usual idea behind the dining zone. Chandeliers hang from above the ceiling. Artificial flowers assembled as bouquet is presented on the table top.

7.  Highly Polished Victorian Style Dining Table

Victorian Style Dining Table

Ice blue colour of the cover of chair with autumn twig print gives the idea of fall season. Bronze legs and back of the chair gives a royal look to the place. Carpet of off white colour is spread beneath the dining table and chairs.

8.  Wooden plank like structure of the dining table

Artistic Dining décor

Wooden plank like structure of the dining table with wooden chairs and white colour back gives an all together different look. A broad structure of lamp hangs from the top.

9. Victorian Style Oriental Dining Cabinet And Table

victorian style furniture

An oriental cabinet with candles and flowers are set on top of it to give an earthy look to the place at the same time mirror and red satin curtains give a royal look.

10. Formal  Christmas Dining Table Arrangement

christmas dining room decoration

Bird of silver decor on the hand wipe placed on artistic and aristocratic plate gives a heavenly touch to the dining zone. Silver metal Christmas tree and twigs give a jewelled look to the area.

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