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10 Dining Room Designs with Damask WallPaper Patterns

A dining room is used for when the family is enjoying a meal together right after being cooked with family friends or visitors and it is a good place for sharing great moments in life and also the dining room gives a warm calm atmosphere.For more

Today we have 10 best dining room designs with different damask wall patterns. Therefore, this give every one an opportunity to choose any dining room design of their choice since they have different decors,furniture arrangement,stunning color schemes and some dining rooms are big enough not only for family members but also for visitors and others are small only for family members.

1. Contemporary Dining Room Design

Contemporary-Dining-Room 2

A contemporary dinning room design with a damask wallpaper,a nice black dinning table with cream contemporary chairs around it.This dinning room has enough chairs not only for family members but for visitors too and the brown color seems to add to this room making look more stunning.

2. Grey And Black Damask Wall Patterned Dining Room Design

Contemporary-Dining-Room 3

A grey and black damask wall patterned dining room design with a stunning round dining glass table and nice contemporary chairs surrounding it.There is a window in front and on the other side of the room with grey curtain tied on sides to allow lots of natural day right to come in.Grey and white  covers the whole room from the wall to the chairs.

3.Grey,Black And White Dining Room Design 


A black,grey and white dining room design with grey and black damask wallpaper on the other side of the dining room and in front,the wall is in white with a window that has black flame.A white and black dining table and four black chairs,two on each side of the table.A sitting room to the left side and the wall and a sofa are in grey,a nice table right on a green and white carpet,pictures on the wall,green and white cushions

4.cream and grey Eclectic Dining Room Design


A grey and cream damask eclectic dining room design with a window in front of the room bringing in lots of natural day light and cream curtains.there are six chairs around the table,two grey wooden chairs and another two grey comfortable chairs with another same two on the opposite around a dinning table.

5 Cream And Grey Damask Wall Patterned Design


A cream and grey damask wall patterned dining room with a shinny round wooden dining table that has flowers on top,a grey sofa with wooden endings and other two wooden chairs all around the table.There is a flower picture on the wall and this dinning room has three chairs for the family members enjoying the food right after being cooked.

6.Mediterranean Dining Room Design


A Mediterranean dining room design with a vintage wall paper,cream curtain on a window in front of the dining room,chairs and a sealing board.There is a an extra chair on the left corner of the room for an extra person,a nice mirror on the wall and pictures,a shinny wooden dining table and there is a door that leads to the other room.

7.Green And Light Yellow Wall paper dining room Design

Rafael de Cardenas apt for Cosmetics star Jeanine Lobell and actor Anthony Edwards, dining room, vintage wall paper, Madeline Weinrib rug, Elle Decor

This dinning room has a green and light yellow damask wall pattern with a white and black rag positioned in the middle of the room right where there  is a cream dining table with flowers on top,chairs with a brown sit and back,a cream sofa with some brown flower prints and the other same one on the opposite and there is a green flower on the corner of the room.

8.A Grey And Cream Dining Room With A Damask Wall Paper Pattern


A dining room with a damask wall paper pattern.This dining room is covered in grey from the wall to the chairs with a black color scheme that seems to add to this room and white animal decor on top of a table.A window on each side of a room with  cream curtains.

9. White And Grey Dining Room Design


A white and grey dining room design with a damask wall paper pattern.A round greyish dining table with flower decor on top, four chairs that has the same color of the table around it all positioned in the middle of the room with a an extra cream white chair on a right side corner of the room,a white storage,pictures stuck on the wall and a window on the other side of the room.

10.  Brown Victorian style dining room with  damask Wallpaper

damask wall paper

Brown Victorian Furniture dining room design with nice furniture arrangement and plenty of room to move around. It has the wooden floor and beautiful damask wall paper on the lower décor of the wall which gives it a unique style. To add more décor and bring the dining room to life, they have hanged decorative picture canvas as  feature wall.

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