Dining room with a round glossy table
Dining Room

Casually Informal Dining Room Ideas

The informal or casual dining room designs can be added to a big formal dining area. It could also be the main dining room of smaller homes that wants a feeling of a warm and comfortable room to use when the family sits down to eat. It could also be a cozy twosome dining that can make use of an alcove or a corner space in the home. Design ideas for an informal dining room can vary from the very elegant to the homey casual the way most people are familiar with. The furniture plays a big part and the decors as well. Here are some casual dining room designs that may work for every individual taste.

1.  Square Shaped Wood Table

Dining room with wooden table

This corner room in the house was converted into an alcove and a casual dining room created. The square shaped wood table with a wonderful pedestal design fitted right in and the white chairs with gray colored cushions a lovely contrast. The beautiful lamp over the table and the green plant on the table are great accents.

2.  Black Wood Table

The table contrast well with the chairs

The black wood table contrasted very well with the four white high backed chairs. The two big wicker chairs at both ends of the table are great designs. Decors used are lovely like the black rooster, the suspended lamp and the red flowers on top of the table.

3.  Round Table Casual Dining

Dining table withgray colored plush armchairs

Alcoves are great spots to add a dining area as the daybed could also serve as seats as well. The crocheted white tablecloth made a great accent to the black square table and those comfortable gray colored plush armchairs made this dining area fantastic.

 4.  Rustic Dining Table With Blue Chairs

The table contrasted wonderfully with the chairs

This is a great design for country homes or a beach house where large picture windows present a view. The long wood table contrasted wonderfully with the blue colored chairs and made this dining room warm and comfortable.

5. Philippe Starck Ghost Chairs

 White oval shaped glossy table with transparent chairs besides

This is a modern design where the white oval shaped glossy table with a high pedestal hit it off with the transparent chairs and made this dining room look fantastic.

6.  Modern Design

Dining room with a round glossy table

The round glossy table on a high pedestal is a modern design that was equally matched by the white chairs. The shiny wood floors and the beautiful design of the light pink blinds covering the large picture windows make this a gorgeous dining room.

7.  Wooden Round Table

The table contrasts beautifully with rattan chairs

The wooden round table was wonderfully contrasted by the beautiful rattan chairs that made this casual dining patio a delightful place to dine. The large brown area rug is a great accent.

 8. Period Pieces

Dining room with period pieces

This small dining area was done on a period piece house and all decors added are all period pieces as well. This is a casual but very elegant design that made use of a simple black colored round table with chairs of different designs.

 9. Black Chairs

decorative metal chairs

An unpainted rectangle shaped wood table became highlighted when black chairs were paired with it. The lamp is a great accent.

10.  Dark Blue Gingham Patterns

The table constrats wonderfuly with the chairs

The wood table with a nice lace tablecloth contrasted wonderfully with the chairs that were covered in dark blue gingham patterns. The red brick floors are fantastic.

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