black theme Dining Room
Dining Room

Glamorous black lacquer dining room table

Black stands out in whatever design it is applied to, whether in interior color, furniture or tiles. The dark color that black has could be perfect foils for lighter colors and that’s why black has remained a perennial favorite next to white. Using lacquer on the other hand is a great design as it makes surfaces glossy and shiny which is an added attraction to whatever design it is done to. Combining black and lacquer would be an amazing design and applying it to dining table designs would make any dining room look glamorous because of it.

1. Black lacquer table

gold colored chairs

This is the ultimate design for a dining room that used black lacquer table. The gold colored chairs with poster designs on the backseat made a fantastic contrast to the black table and made this dining room fabulous.

 2. Black lacquer rectangle table

rectangle table

This long black lacquer rectangle table with its matching black chairs looks fantastic against a backdrop of white interior and fireplace. The white bowl décor on top of the black table is a nice accent.

 3. Black lacquer round dining table

Black lacquer table

This dining room looks bright and cheerful even when using a small round black lacquer table. Using bright yellow color for the chairs contrasted wonderfully with the black and made the room a fun place. The gold framed mirror is a nice accent.

 4. 10 Seater black lacquer dining table

black lacquer dining table

This long black table is for formal seating with its matching black chairs. Striped patterns on the chair’s cushions are nice contrasts and the vintage designed black chandelier is a great accent.

 5. Luxurious black theme Dining Room

black theme Dining Room

image source: kristindrohancollection

This black colored dining room with its black lacquered table and chairs does not look gloomy and dark because of the splashes of white color that was used on the cushions of the chairs and decors. The dominant black theme makes this a glamorous dining room.

 6.  Round black table Dining Set

black table Dining Set

image source: moodinteriors

The round black table was contrasted very well with its brown colored wood pedestal base. The contrast of dark blue chairs against the black table is lovely.

 7.  High Gloss Black dining Table

Black lacquer table

image source: eladgonen

The high gloss of the black lacquer table seen partially in the foreground is a fantastic contrast to the white furniture and interior of the living room. The intricate design of the chandelier above the table is a great accent.

 8. Black trestle base

 high gloss round table

image source: garretcordwerner

The black and brown high gloss round table with its black trestle base looks fantastic in this small dining room. The dark blue chairs are wonderful contrasts that made this room arresting and attractive.

9. Oval shaped black lacquer table

Oval shaped black dining table

image source: jessicalagrange

The oval shaped black lacquer table is an unusual shape to use. The contrast of white colored chairs highlighted the beautiful table and gave this dining room a glamorous image. The checkerboard black and white floors added to the image.

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