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Awesome glass dining table bases

Glass used in furniture design or even in the interior design brings out an elegant look because of the way they look. Clear transparent glass works best in cabinets, tables, windows and countertops. Opaque glass is great to use in doors, windows or walls. Glass used to be expensive in times past that only the elite can afford it. Thanks to modern technology it has been mass produced and can now be affordable to everyone. There are still expensive kinds that are made of the highest quality but even the cheaper ones now are durable and can last for a long time. Here are some glass dining table designs that would make your dining experience awesome.

 1. Contemporary Round table

Round table

image source: shopladder

The round glass table is a Parisian inspired design that comes with a stainless steel base. The thin legs of the table give it an image of simple elegance that would be a great addition to any dining room.

 2. Meta Base with Glass top

Meta Base with Glass top

image source: shopladder

The rectangle shaped clear glass table has a lovely black colored metal base that makes it look very attractive. The rectangle glass top is clear and transparent that you can see the metal base right away. This would be a fantastic table to use in the dining area.

3. Chromed Steel Base round glass table

round glass table

image source:beyondstores

This beautiful glass round table has chrome stainless steel for its base. The glass is pencil thin but strong and durable. This is a great table design for small dining room spaces.

 4. Pedestal Wood Base

Pedestal Wood Base

The focal point of this round glass table would be the design of its pedestal wood base. The intricate design on the thick wood pedestal base is reflected by the clear glass top and would look fabulous in any dining area.

 5. Nickel Plated

Nickel Plated table

image source: zincdoor

This modern design of a big round glass table with its nickel plated beautifully designed base would be an amazing sight in the dining room. The glass table has a bigger dimension than the standard sizes and would be fabulous to use in large dining spaces.

 6. Danube Glass Top Dining

 Glass Top Dining

image source: hayneedle

This rectangle shaped glass table has chrome steel legs and can be extended when the need arises. It is a versatile design as it could be extended to accommodate extra seating space and could be an office table as well.

 7.  wrought iron base

 wrought iron base table

image source:weiku

The black colored wrought iron base is sturdy and strong to hold in balance the beautiful clear glass rectangle shaped table. The lovely design on the wrought iron base is the focal point of this table.

 8. Modern dining room table

dining room table


image source: primeclassicdesign

This elegantly designed black colored rectangular table has a glass top with a frosted stripe running down the middle. The lovely design of the wood base is also covered in glass and looks fabulous.

 9. Modern 5 Piece Dining Set

modern dining table set

Price : $883.15

ima source: furnituredepot

This clear glass rectangle table has a beautifully designed wood base that makes it look fantastic. The curvy lines of the legs of this table are a unique design that would make any dining room attractive.

10.  Black colored glass top

black glass table top

The black colored glass top is a great contrast to the V shaped stainless steel legs. This dining table will be a standout to the dining room.

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