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Astounding Swedish dining chairs

The Scandinavian designs have been trending because of the simple and clean lines that they have made to their furniture. Not only that, they have also combined functionality and durability so it’s hardly surprising that they have made a niche for themselves in the field of furniture designing. Now we come to their version of how dining chairs could be fashioned. In times past, dining chairs usually match the dining table. Modern times has changed that style and having different design and color of the dining table and chair could now be contrasted or matched and still come out as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Here are some Swedish dining chair designs that will truly astound you with their simplicity and beauty.

1.  Modern Dining Chairs

dining chairs


This modern design of black and steel dining chairs have simple lines but will look amazing in any dining room. The chair looks comfortable to sit down to and the steel legs that extend to a side armrest is a wonderful design.

2.  Industrial Dining Chairs

red Industrial Dining Chair


The red color alone of this dining chair would be arresting enough to catch the attention of every guest that comes to your dining area. The pattern design that covers the whole seat looks fantastic and would blend or contrast very well with any interior color the dining room would have.

3. Path Dining Chair

white dining chairs


Fabulous White dining chairs. The white seat design would be able to reflect whatever colors that may be placed near them and create an amazing image to the dining room.

 4. Green Chairs

chair furniture


The green color of the chairs will be a refreshing addition to the dining room. It is made of wood and the seat is of woven material that could be comfortable to use. It may look frail but it is made of the finest material so it is meant for long use.

 5. Red Colored Chairs

red dining room chairs


These red colored chairs with its plush cushions on the back and seat is a wonderful design. The slim wood legs is a lovely contrast to the red cushions and produces an elegant image that could be a great addition to any dining room that it will placed.

 6. Turquoise Blue


Image source: frenchheritage

Turquoise blue has been trending and this dining chair would be a trendy color to use in the dining room. The combination of teal and black on this chair contrasted very nicely and the plush cushions made this chair fabulous.

 7. Vintage style dining chair

victorian syle chair

image source: frenchheritage

This glamorous looking chair with thin curvy legs and wide seat would be a statement to the dining room. The pale color would match or contrast very well with any interior color of the dining room.

 8.  Pole Rattan Frame

rattan chair


Rattan is always a fashion statement and this chair made out of it is no exception. This will be the focal point of any dining area that it will occupy.

 9. Solid Beech and Leather Dining Chair

Dining Chair


The wonderful design of the backrest is enough to get the attention of guests in your dining room. The contrasting colors of the chair are another attention catcher.

10. Plywood Dining Chair

Plywood Dining Chair

image source: houzz

The high seat of this chair will be a comfort to sit down on. The black and brown color combination of this chair will add more life zest to any dining room area.

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