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10 Arts and Crafts dining room decor Ideas

Dining room designed artistically with pictures, portraits, beautiful colours, decorations and craft makes it a lively dining room. People who are inclined to art feel at ease with modern wall hangings. The idea and inspiration behind the arts and crafts dining room is to keep things simple at the same time provide fun. The furniture used in such designs is always a cut from the rest for an edgy look. The place does not have to be big or small for the dining room to encapsulate different objects. You can also have a corner all by yourself to draw and create beautiful stuffs. Artisans, sculptors, painters, designers-art, fashion, interior find an appropriate place for themselves amidst the dining table with a quirky twist of elements embedded in the wallpaper. Collages and variety of metal plates are characteristics of the dining room.

1.  Blue stained glass table

stained glass table

Blue stained glass table with red good variety of plastic chairs makes it a good combination with yellow and blue colour walls. A butterfly shaped lower stand of the table is unique.

2. Black ceiling wallpaper

bright disco light

Black ceiling wallpaper with white print on it looks aesthetic. Various sizes of ceramic pots and jars are kept on the dining table. There is a bright disco light which hangs from the top.

 3. Wooden dining table

 Leather sofas

Yellow and light red colour wall give a dull look with rustic furniture. Leather sofas add a touch of warmth to the place. Simple wooden dining table with light on the ceiling looks radiant.

4.  Wooden plank

 curved shape seating

Wooden plank, wooden dining table of huge size and side curved shape seating arrangement with green seat cover gives it a look of Palace on Wheels. A Japanese lamp hangs from top.

5. Horse-shoe shaped silver magnet

 round tube shaped lights

Horse-shoe shaped silver magnet like candle structure is the highlight of the dining table with white candles. Three round tube shaped lights are placed on top which illuminates the place. Metallic round structures hang on wall.

6.   Round black disc shaped stand

 sofas with metallic jar

Round black disc shaped stand is placed beside two sofas with metallic jar and round shaped vessel kept on top. A vintage picture hangs on one of the wall. In one corner the dining table with chairs is spread.

7. Small round dining table

area of kitchen

Beautiful collage made out of fabric in brilliant colours act as a clock. Small round dining table with inverted black chairs is placed amidst the table. It combines the area of kitchen with it.

8. Chairs and dark green coloured seating

red twig like flowers

Wooden dining table with chairs and dark green coloured seating is placed on the chair. There is a wide low pot kept with green small grass like leaf and red twig like flowers.

9.  White granite table

 Small white lights

Three white colour porcelain pots on white granite table looks splendid. Grey chairs with black legs and a carpet spread beneath the dining table. Small white lights are hanged from rod like structure.

10.  Wooden dining table

flame painting on the wall

Wooden dining table with black chairs, a flame painting on the wall with bronze lighting like diamonds on a single piece hangs from the top. Black flooring is the idea behind the dining table.

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