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10 Victorian Style Dining Room Designs

When it’s about dining in style, no other decor can match the grandeur of the Victorian era. People who belonged to the middle class decorated their homes with grandeur pride showing their status in the society. This brought people to redesign their homes with revisions of Gothic, rococo and Oriental styles. You can see eclectic mixture of style, heavily upholstered furniture, excessive ornamentation, realistic portrays of flowers, birds and animals, wooden carvings, with silver, brass and golden accents.

The Victorian inspired decor is all about heavy wood, magnificent designs and intricate carvings all over the furniture and warm earthy tones. Want to bring in a piece of that era at its best in your dining room, if so the following 10 Victorian style dining room designs is just what you need.

1. Victorian Style Palace gates dining room

victorian style palace gates dining room

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This dining room decor is inspired by palace gates and brings in a lot of elegance with its bombe styling with a rich finish in British brown. The beautiful dining table along with 7 chairs is the focal point of the decor. The wooden cabinet compliments rest of the furniture. To add to its elegance is the decorative chandelier.

2. Earl Court Victorian Style dining room

Victorian style earl court dining room

This decor is breathtaking at its best and has touches of French and Russian Baroque to give a look which is romantic and regal. The table as well as the chairs have beautiful carvings on the edge with golden accents. Two chandeliers light up the room with a wooden cupboard and an ornamental mirror completing the look.

3. Victorian style chateau dining room

Victorian style chateau dining room

The dining room set up has the look of a chateau to it. The table is quite exquisite standing on heavily carved bottoms, and sides. The chairs are upholstered in a shimmy beige fabric which matches the rest of the decor.

4. Ambrose Hilliard Dining Room

Ambrose Hilliard Victorian style dining room

The rounded legs of the dining table and chairs with heavy carvings on them signify magnificence at its very best. The chairs are upholstered in light beige fabric, while the elaborately designed chandelier brightens up the room. The sophisticated floral centre piece along with candle stands adds to the beauty.

5. Victorian Style Warm Walnut Caravelle Dining Room

Victorian style caravelle dining room

The focal point of this room is the beautiful hand crafted cupboard with 6 compartments and glass front. Elaborate cravings on the legs of the dining table are really beautiful which matches the carving on the sides an leg of the chairs. Exquisite candle stand centre piece and an ornamental chandelier add the touch of Victorian Era.

6. Caravelle Victorian Pearl Dining Room

Victorian style pearl dining room

Although the dining table is pretty small, it makes quite a statement. The seat cushions are elegantly patterned on a neutral shade, while the furniture have a pearly white finish to it. Two decorative chandelier and a beautiful floral centrepiece are great add-ons. The cupboard is also statement piece of furniture which matches the rest of the decor.

7. Victorian Style Chardonnay Dining Room

Victorian style chardonnay dining

The rounded chair tops in this decor perfectly matches the rounded edges of the table. All the furniture have a pearly finish to it which give an added dash of elegance to the decor. The leg of the table and the side of the chairs are heavily carved, while the crystal chandelier adds to its appeal.

8. Cherrylane Victorian Dining Room

cherrylane Victorian dining room

this design is all about sleekness. The chair legs although are very sleekly designed nonetheless are beautifully hand carved. The chair tops and the table sides also depict craftsmanship at its best. All the furniture have a mahogany finish which adds to the richness of the decor.

9. cornwall-manor-victorian-style-dining-room

cornwall manor victorian-style dining set

This dining room style is all about luxury. Upholstered in dark beige leather, the chair perfectly complements the rest of the furniture. The chair tops match the cupboard design which the table showcases immaculate hand carvings.

10. Victorian style barrington cottage dining room


The chair tops in this decor steal the show, with intricate detailing all over. The ornamental mirror and the chandelier add to its appeal as pearly white finish makes this decor an elegant pick.

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