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10 Transitional Dining Room Sets

Dining Room Sets

The Transitional design depicts a fine blend between traditional and modernity which is one most practiced decor ideas in the contemporary dining spaces.

Transitional style refers to such a theme that has been transitioned, or precisely moved forward adopting updated trendy ideas. Here are some good ideas on transitional dining rooms.


1.White Blue And Grey Dining Room

The traditional heavy wooden table with big legs looks really classy while the sleek wooden chairs have added on the right dose of minimalist contemporary style. The pristine seating creates a neat feel and ensures a spectacular contrast against a royal blue backdrop.

2.White And Grey Dining Room With A Funky Green Sofa


The round dark wooden table evokes a beautiful vintage feel and so the decorative wooden chairs with curved legs. But the modern print on the seat cushions, the sleek crystal chandelier and the funky green sofa have been able to supply the desired dose of trendy feel all over.

3.White Dining Room With Light Green Chair Seats


Nothing speaks vintage more than big French windows which have been ably modernized with chic blinds. The dining table sits pretty with its decorative leg and the patterned chairs infuse a beautiful stylish feel- the trendy chandelier looks plush with its ball shaped lights and white colour all over creates an airy environ.

4.Light Grey And White Dining Room With A Cute Blue Sofa 


The big wooden table and the heavy chandelier look aptly vintage and so the decorative bowls and heavy wooden chairs. But the cute blue sofa on the other end of the table and the sleek iron chair bring in the contemporary factor. The plate decor on the wall is another contemporary style.

5.White Dining Room With A Round Wooden Table


The heavy biog rounded wooden table defines vintage elegance like no other and so the large airy French windows. The contemporary feel in the room is aptly supplied by the sleek chairs, trimmed frame, modern light curtains and of course the bowl-shaped fine glass chandelier.

6.A Colourful Dining Room With The Glass Dining Table


Almost everything in the room speaks vintage, right from the Ming vases to traditionally patterned decorative chairs to the gorgeous basket to the arch-like designs on the cupboard. However, the sleek trendy glass table has duly brought in the unique transitional feel along with the modern sofas and scattered yet trimmed chandelier.

7.Wonderful Dining Room With A Beautiful View From Outside


The big windows look traditional and so the dark brown back of the cane chairs. But the room has been tastefully modernized with the fine sleek glass chairs as well as the shining glass table. The wide bowl-like chandelier hanging from the top further ups the transitional feel.

8.White Wooden Dining Room With Nice Red Floral Curtains


The traditionally patterned big wooden table and chairs remind of Victorian era and so the wooden floor. However, the room also portrays a brilliant contemporary contrast with its fine red curtains, the big mirror and of course the very chic chandelier.

Dining Room Blue Ding Room Chairs

three blue dining chairs

The big wooden table looks beautifully vintage and so the old-school rounded bulbs over the table top. The transitional style has been created with the angular chair legs and handles as well as the big sofa and golden table leg.

 wooden cupboard  And Flower Vase

yellow dining room

The big flower vase and the large wooden cupboard evoke a wonderful vintage feel in the room along with the huge stone table. The sleek chairs, the lamp-like chandelier and the funky lime colour all over supply the funky dose.

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