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10 Spacious Rectangle Glass Top Dining Table Ideas

Rectangular glass tops are the most common type of table tops used in the dining tables yet they are made of a range of variety for adding detail, drama and a host of other elements.

Today we are showcasing 10 Spacious Rectangle Glass Top Dining Table Ideas. They occupy less space than a round one and are convenient to put lots of things together on the table while eating meals. In a big space rectangular table tops are of huge size whereas in less space the rectangular shape of the table top has less width and length. Wooden and glass tops both predominate the table since it is easy to wipe them.

1. Rectangular Glass Top Dining Table

Putting glass on the wide and rectangular unpolished wooden table top that too a thick one makes it look simple. Put together with yellow chairs it adds little bit of colour to the entire story.

2.  Greyish Wide Rectangular Top Dining Table

A greyish wide rectangular table top with wooden legs make it look simple but with olive green chairs it strikes a parallel combination with the dining table. Any strain from the dining table can be wiped easily without rubbing it to a highest degree.

3.  Small Oval Glass Top Dining Table

A wooden table top with an extremely wide structure is placed just near to the open kitchen looks like a huge piano. Another small table top kept on top of a blue glass vase is not a rectangular cut glass but a small oval shaped top.

4.  Rectangular Glass Top Dining Table

Rectangular glass table top with silver polished metallic legs in a criss-cross manner rests with round rod like structure. Surrounded by white covered cloth chairs and silver plain legs looks stylish and pure.

5.  Rectangular Don Top Dining Table

Wooden table with wooden chairs of dark chestnut brown appears to be very sturdy. The table has two layers of the wooden panel arrange don top with slight gap in between.

6.  Polished Rectangular Wooden Top Dining Table

Wooden chair with corduroy design material put on the chairs and the seating makes it look as if it has got wooden lining or engraving on the chair. The table top is of wooden material polished on the top.

7.  Rectangular Wooden Top Dining Table

Low chairs of cushion type material in white colour and two big and tall chairs set amidst a wooden table which is low and unpolished giving it a contemporary look. The table has wooden low legs of a different variety.

8.  Satin Cover On The Rectangular Dining Table Top

Satin cover on the rectangular table top with wooden legs gives a royal and elegant look to the entire place. The chairs are also half curved with black wooden structure and soft seating.

9.  Rectangular Glass Top Dining Table

On a silver tree trunk rests a plain glass top and chairs which has printed covers surround it. The silver trunk like structure gives an antique look to the entire place.

10. A Plain Wooden Rectangular Dining Table Top

Plain wooden table top with just two planks of wooden leg rests on the lower side. It has a wooden bench of low height with white chairs amidst the table.


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