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10 Small Dining Table Designs

Whether you live alone, as a couple, or with a bigger family, valuing and preserving the time you spend dining together with the people you share your home with or with visiting friends and family can be a key aspect of your home life.

Living in a smaller home with no allocated dining space, or a home where dining space is given but limited, you need to be especially considerate of your dining room space and plan carefully to ensure you can fit in the table and enough comfortable seating for your requirements.

You needn’t sacrifice your dining space, you just need to plan meticulously and make sure you have exact measurements of your room and space before you purchase that extravagant table and chair set! Take a look at these examples of small dining room tables which prove that a lack of space doesn’t mean you have to give up your style or your entertaining dining experience:

1. Walkway Table
Small dining table
If you’re struggling for a space to fit in a small table, place it in a narrow walkway close to the kitchen area for a cosy but not squeezed dining area.

2. Compact Round Table
Small compact round table
If your dining space is more square than narrow, add a round table to minimise the amount of unused table space.

3. Narrow dining Table
Cute and quirky dining table
A narrow dining table like this one takes up very little space, but still looks cute and quirky in a minimal and funky home.

4. Minimal Square Table
Small dining table
Physical space isn’t the only issue with small dining tables. You also don’t want to cramp small spaces with too much furniture, colour or texture,

5. Pop Out Table

Café-style dining space

Save even more space without sacrificing style by adding a table to your kitchen wall. Make it into a café-style dining space by adding seating right up to the wall.

6. Plastic And Wood Combination
Modern and contemporary table
We love this combination of modern and contemporary table, with traditional wooden seating.

7. Kitchen Diner
Long dining table
If you don’t have your own dining room but if you’d like the separate space, you can allow yourself part of your larger kitchen space to add a long dining table to encourage informal and open family living.

8. Two Seater Table
Round table with two seats
A round table with two seats will take up less space than with four seats. If you share a home with just one other, make your dining time more intimate with a smaller table that pulls you closer together.

9. Entrance Hall Table
Small dining table
There is no rule that your dining table must go in the kitchen or separate dining room. For more open plan living, add your table your entrance hallway.

10. Kitchen Island Alternative
Small wooden table design
If you do have the luxury of a larger kitchen, sacrifice your kitchen island with a smaller table that seats four. Even if you have a separate dining room, this can add an element of more informal and flexible dining and living to your home.

Dining together is a valuable time for families and friends and not something we should ever feel like sacrificing due to a lack of space. Sure, we might be more comfortable and a little bit physically closer, but with planning and thinking ahead, we can create great dining environments in any home.

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