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10 Orange Modern and Contemporary Dining Rooms

There is something with orange colour scheme that is associated with happiness, bright day and sunset feeling. It looks good when combined with a white colour scheme or any other bright or suitable dull colours.  The collection of dining room we have put together today for you all feature dining rooms that have used the orange colour wisely in the Orange modern and contemporary dining rooms.

The colour orange signifies warmth coupled with brightness. Orange too has a variety of shades which ranges from the lightest hue to medium to a dark and deep hue. Pairing orange with a neutral shade leaves behind a softer tone to the place. Be inspired by the ideas below and we hope you like them.

1. Deep Orange Dining Painted walls

Deep Orange Painted walls

One wall is painted deep orange and the other wall is white. Big chairs in leather and which has a rectangular small hole in them with wooden planks and round wooden table with artificial cherry like twigs kept on the table.

2.  Dining Room with Orange Walls And Green Chairs

Orange Walls And Green Chairs

A bright shade of orange fills two walls with black tapering on three sides. In one wall a vase shaped structure is thrust against the wall which acts as a key hanging, the other two acts as a candle stand. There is a chandelier with inverted rose like structure and the chairs are of olive green colour. A plant is kept on the table which has green leaves and orange flowers arranged neatly.

3.  Black And White Dining Room with Orange Chairs

orange chairs

A white dining table which is ultra sleek with orange chairs and metal rods of the arm rest and the legs of the chair and small glass arranged as a candle stand in one straight line on top of the table in orange colour and a modern piece of painting hangs in one wall with golden and orange tinge.

4.  Rustic shade of the orange in Dining Room

rustic dining room design

Rustic shade of the orange is given to the chairs that fill the dining room with dark mahogany dining table in round shape, a netted chandelier cum candle stand and a vase kept on the table with rustic orange curtains and wooden flooring.

5. One Side of The Wall  Painted Orange with Modern art painting

Two walls are painted orange

Two walls are painted orange- one has a lighter shade than the other. Modern art painting hangs on one wall. A wicker sort of mirror hangs in another wall. Dining table in black colour with chairs is arranged in one side and in the other side glass table with two rocking black leather chairs is kept.

6. Dining Room with Brown And Orange Colour Schemes

brown and orange Dining

Orange panel just below the ceiling and orange chairs which shows the colour just from the hem on which a white printed canvas cloth is put up. A chandelier cum candle stand and a fruit basket is kept on the table.

7. Orange Bench And Carpet Lines

orange colour bench

A printed orange colour bench, a wooden table which is in oval shape and laid back chairs with four slight orange shade of pitcher like show piece kept on the table. Two big round like white lamp shade hangs from the top.

8. Chairs in orange colour

material chairs in orange colour

Cushion material chairs in orange colour with round wooden table and chandelier, two lamps on either side of the table and a wicker basket with white flowers rests on the table.

9. Beautiful Orange Walls With Colourful Furniture and Decorations

Beautiful Orange Walls

Two walls in orange colour- a light and dark shade with a writing picture rests on the wall. Leather chairs and white round table is kept in the middle itself. A big round lamp hangs from the top.

10. Orange Hexagon shaped false ceiling And Furniture

orange dining room ceiling

A hexagon shaped false ceiling with glossy orange colour and a long chandelier hangs from it. Satin curtains in olive yellow colour fill the room. Peach flowers are kept on the side table and the dining table is like a palatial structure.

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