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10 Lighting for dining table ideas

Lighting for dining table

Lighting around the dining table is a necessity rather than a luxury but with new innovation the lights are becoming a trend. The table is richly decorated with lights if you do not like much colour in the surrounding place. Lighting enhances the look of the place with different designs and elaborate or single piece. Some lights illuminate the entire place while some illuminate the entire place with many lights thrown in. Some lights can be fitted on the wall and ceiling whereas others are bought from the market. Chandeliers are also used as lighting ideas. If the room is well lighted it is an added advantage but if it is not lights can be thrown in which will radiate the entire dining room. Dining table ideas with lights add a spark not only to your area but to the food as well.

Small ceiling lights

 dining table

Rectangular shaped box light on the ceiling is a soft touch to the dining table with small ceiling lights in the panels. The place has crème coloured dining table and chairs with flooring.

Flat round white lights hang from the top

 lantern like glass light hang

Flat round white lights hang from the top, small ceiling lights are fitted on the ceiling and lantern like glass light hang on the other side of the ceiling. There are white chairs and wooden table with glass top.

Meshed round metal light

Small ceiling lights

Meshed round metal light hanging from the ceiling with candle like light placed with bulb as flame. Small ceiling lights are embedded. The place is illuminated from all corners and the wooden floor also shines.

 Yellow light to the table

yellow light to the table

A big rectangular box like structure hangs from the ceiling which gives out yellow light to the table. Shelf light is also placed which gives light to the stove. Above the rectangular light there is a hollow space from which light comes out. Fire place gives out the much needed light and warmth.

Orange round light of glass material

Orange round light

Orange round light of glass material hangs from the string. Light enters from the window. Teak flooring on the dining area gives a simple look. Sofas surround the living room which gives the much needed warmth.

Beach Style Dining Room

coloured light

Plain rectangular crème coloured light hangs from the ceiling. Two lights hang on the wall on either side. Light from behind the painting comes up. The table looks shiny with bright light.

Bright lighting in Living Room

 round light hangs

Round shimmer like round light hangs from the ceiling. Many other lights are placed on each wall which radiates bright light in the area. The floor also looks heavenly with light thrown in from the bulb.

Stylish Metal Pendant Light

light like chandelier hangs

A hollow designed metal light like chandelier hangs from the ceiling and gives an appeal of candle light dinner without the candles though candles are placed on the table.

Zigzag Style light

Zigzag material like light hangs

A tough silver metal structure of zigzag material like light hangs from the top and gives out a white light on the chairs and glass table with marbled floors.

Glass Jar Style hanging lights

Glass Jar Style lights

White jar like transparent lights with black bulb stick is placed on it. Light is thrown in from the natural source that is the sun. The artificial lights act as mere show piece.



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