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10 Green dining room Design Ideas

Having your dining room in green colour can give a sense freshness and natural feeling as green is associated with natural. Green colour palettes vary from light green ,dark green and bright green. Having a green themed dining goes well in an eating place area . Green dining room designs are  in rage since green signifies ecological environment.

Today green carpet has become the norm instead of red carpet on awards show to let the world know that green living is peaceful and environment friendly.

Green wall behind the dining room

Green wall behind the dining room is the latest trend. Perfect symbolisation is pictures of birds framed on the wall. The colour of the green is olive. Blue table top looks even with olive green wall.

2.Craftsman Dining Room With Ice Green Wall

Ice green colour of few wall with wooden flooring, pillars and cabinets make the Gothic look refreshing. The ceiling which is dome shaped is of multi colour of green and blue mixed together. Similarly with the green pots which are printed look very pretty.

3. Green Dining Chairs

Green chairs in an otherwise white painted ceiling and interior is a contrast look and definitely brings some colour into the dining zone. Green coloured jar on a side table adds colour to the area.

4.  Yellow Green Wall

Multi colour chairs with stripes which have green lines along with beige and white stripes look radiant with yellow green colour of the wall. Inside mint green colour sofas and wall fill the living room.

5. Pista Green Colour Wall And Mint Green Panel

Pista green colour wall with mint green panel makes a lovely combination. Wooden table with white chairs makes it all the more beautiful. Green colour does have a soothing effect on mind and body.

6. Coloured Green Curtains

Green coloured curtains overlooking the window is the green grass of the garden and blue chairs makes it a peacock colour combination of the dining room. The wall is also painted blue and pictures of parrot are hung on the wall.

7. Green Seat Of The Chair

The seat of the chair has green foam with a greenish and off white colour wall paper. A silver glass shaped vase with green leaf and mahogany flowers look splendid in the dining room. A potted plant is also kept in one of the corner for greenery.

8. Greenish And Yellowish Shade Of Curtains

Greenish and yellowish shade of curtains hung on the windows with greyish blue wall and dark beige chairs is a different colour combination in itself. Few show pieces of green colour is kept on the white shelf.

9. Green Coloured Board And Flowers

Green coloured board in one wall with green grass and waterfall overflowing throughout portrait on the other wall makes it look aesthetic put together on a creme coloured wall. Green butterfly lights hang from the top with green flowers on a vase on the table top.

10.  Olive Green Walls,Bowls And Apples

Olive green walls, green bowls and green apples on an apple rack of black colour gives enough colour to symbolise Eco friendly green house surrounding. White lamps contrast the look.


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