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10 Cowhide Dining Chair Ideas

Cowhide is the natural unbleached skin and hair of a cow with original colour of the cow skin and hair.  To make it less sceptical to odour and moulting, cowhides in the tannery a traditional tanning method for hair and hides tanning to make sure it is nice, clean and soft to last longer.  In the art and design industry cowhide is now used for furniture decorating and covering to give the furniture a warm fashionable and stylish tone.

Cowhide designs, leopard designs, tiger prints are very much in vogue and they add a rustic appeal to the furniture. As far as chairs of the dining table area are concerned the covers made of cowhide print or the seating make a style statement. If you want to get some ideas about the cowhide dining chair Ideas to give you dining a unique appearance please read through the following photo ideas:-

1.White Fur Prints With Brown Cowhide Design

Chairs for resting are cool as well as interesting

White fur prints with brown cowhide design on them at the back of the chairs for resting is cool as well as interesting. The soft fabrics make it easy to lay your head on.

2. Dining Chairs With Light Brown Colour Cowhide

The chairs are foldable

Light brown colour cowhide design of the back of the chair for resting is another interesting pattern. The chairs are foldable. A cowhide patterned rug placed below the chairs cut out in a different shape adds detail.

3. Cowhide Rug on where chairs are placed

The dining chairs are covered with green fabric and have white prints on them

The chairs are not exactly of the cowhide design as it is covered with green fabric with white print on it. The rug which is spread below the chairs and sofas is of off white colour.

4.  Cowhide Design Carpet Sort Of Spread Is Placed Below The Center Table

 The floor has black rectangular tiles fitted on them

A cowhide design carpet sort of spread is placed below the center table. The floor has black rectangular tiles fitted on them. Leather sofa with two single sofas is placed on the other side of the floor.

5. Patio With A Zebra Print Cut Out Design Of The Carpet

 The carpet is spread below the chairs and the dining table

A zebra print cut out design of the carpet is spread below the chairs and the dining table. Two different chairs are placed opposite to each other with white cover and design printed on it.

6. Cowhide Rug Spread On The Light Coloured Wooden Flooring

The sofas and chair like sofas placed on the floor

Cowhide design big rug is spread on the light coloured wooden flooring with sofas and chair like sofas placed on the floor. A glass table stands on the rug giving it a different look altogether.

7. Velvety Look To The Rug Is Given With White And Black Prints

The rag is spread on the wooden flooring


A velvety look to the rug is given with white and black fabric print on the wooden flooring. Two yellow coloured chairs are placed on the rug and the design of the wall is filled with a wallpaper black in colour with leaf print on it.

8. Cowhide  Single Long Chair Like Sofa

A chair like sofa with white seat is placed in one corner

A single long chair like sofa with an embedded box like frame to sit on with white seat is placed in one corner. One back rest small pillow like case of white colour is also placed. The tiling is of square rings black and white in colour.

9. White Comfortable Chairs With Black Cowhide Stripes On The Side Panels

The chairs have cowhide design look

White comfortable chairs with black cowhide print on the side panel of it give it a cowhide design look. Black walls combined with black tiles and white and black print curtains give it the same old combination of white and black.

10. Dining Room With An All Encompassing White Colour Cowhide Rug

The rug is placed on the wooden flooring below the chairs and the tables

All encompassing white colour cowhide rug is placed on the wooden flooring below the chairs and the tables. Brown walls, a fireplace and a portrait of a lady complete the cowhide design look. The place is otherwise very dark with gaudy mix of colours and a chandelier. It is not necessary to just have a cowhide print chair. In fact, anything included in the furniture can be put as cowhide design.

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