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10 Bases For Glass Top Dining Table Ideas

The bases for glass top vary from one material to other. From glass to ceramic, wooden to plastic the table tops offer a lot in terms. As far as glass top is concerned it makes the dining table shine but there are many modes in glasses as well. The thickness of the glass and the colour vary. The cutting of the glass is also different and today there are many kinds of cut glass both readymade and custom made. The support of the glass is made strong so that it does not fall down with a light push.  You can place anything on glass top and stained marks are easily removed. You do not require much maintenance for the glass table top. Here are some 10 Bases For Glass Top Dining Table Ideas:-

1.  Rectangular and narrow table top

 slight angular cut

Rectangular and narrow table top with slight angular cut on the four corners with iron stand gives the old world charm. The chair is covered with beige and black print. The floor has a glaze on it.

2.  Black colour furniture

Black suede leather chairs

Black suede leather chairs with sturdy table top of glass on a fur spread gives a twist to the otherwise black colour furniture of the dining room. A sculpted face is placed on the glass table.

3. Grey coloured chairs

 Grey coloured chairs of soft fur are very comfortable

The glass top protrudes out from the small wooden table and blue vase is kept on the table top. Grey coloured chairs of soft fur are very comfortable to sit on and provide much needed twist.

4.  Chair gives an oriental twist

Glass like table top

Glass like table top on light wood branch like base is very different. The chairs are transparent but of plastic material. A round spread beneath the table and chair gives an oriental twist.

5.  Small size on porcelain big long drum

 small pebbles and granules

A round glass table top of small size on porcelain big long drum like structures is placed with an olive green stand of coloured candles. A small earthen pot is also placed beside the stand.

6. Wooden Shapeless dining table with glass top

 Wooden Shapeless dining table

Shapeless dining table of light wood trunk and gloss on top acts as raw structure with round vase in which grass, twigs, small pebbles and granules are placed. The chairs have a beige look.

7. Wood branch table base

 small rectangular table

A simple log wood branch table base with a small rectangular table top and three dark mahogany coloured twig chairs is the contrasting factor. Terraced dining table looks tranquil amidst plants.

8.  Golden carving

Rectangular glass top

Rectangular glass top and iron standing looks beautiful with crème coloured ornate chairs. Golden carving is done in the panels. A big set of flowers is arranged on the vase. Cupid bread crafting is done in the shelf

9. Soft cushion sofas and fur sofas

wooden flooring

Soft cushion sofas and fur sofas are arranged on the carpet placed on the wooden flooring. Two round drum shaped tables with small glass is placed on top. It is a neat set up.

10. Red budding flowers

Round glass table

Red budding flowers are placed on a simple vase filled with water. Round glass table with tubular structure of wooden panel is the base of the table. Black chairs are placed.


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