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Unusual designs for the bedside table

Unusual designs for the bedside table are sometime gives attraction. You can see it but has an innermost power of creativity within it. The nightstand is one of the most versatile furniture in the home. It is usually a small table but sometimes big period pieces can function the same way. Whatever the size, shape and color a nightstand would be, it is a piece of furniture that we can’t do without.

Here are some unusual designs for a nightstand that may inspire you.

1. Nightstand with Glass Enclosure


This white modern designed nightstand with glass enclosure below it fitted right in with the white bed. It made a fantastic image with the beautifully designed white lamp and the gray frame of the picture frame.

2. Dark Colored Nightstand

Dark Colored Nightstand

This black colored nightstand with a single drawer and open shelf below is a wonderful contrast to the light blue interior and white bed. The drawer is a nice design to keep things like money and keys.

3. Floating Cabinet

Floating Cabinet

The wide brown board over the white floating cabinet makes a fantastic design idea for a nightstand. The large drawers give ample storage space and the white color could fit in any interior color of the room.

4. Iron One Drawer Side Table

Iron One Drawer Side Table

This modern design white nightstand with a glossy finish is a wonderful design of a nightstand. The single drawer below the table is a great storage space and the gold handle is a nice touch.

5. One Drawer Nightstand in Chocolate Brown

One Drawer Nightstand

Modus Furniture – Nightstands – Crafted from Tropical Mahogany solids and a variety of beautiful veneers, the Nevis collection features solid wood drawer boxes with English dovetail joints on both front and back, full extension ball bearing drawer glides, and are corner blocked to ensure rigidity, making them as functional as they are sleek. The wide variety of pieces are enhanced by an elaborate American finishing process in either a rich Spice, a deep, dark Espresso, or Chocolate Brown.

6. Anthropological Inspired

Anthropologie Inspired

This nightstand table looks like it was made up from old planks of wood and the dated look make this a vintage design. The green color of the table is a nice contrast to the wood and the drawers give ample space for storage.

7. White Colored Nightstand

White Colored Nightstand

This white colored nightstand is a beautiful design as well as practical. The long drawers below the table give ample space for storage. The wide table is lovely as not only the lamp can be placed there but also some decor to make the room attractive. The the white color fits right in to any interior color of the bedroom.

8. Black and White Design on the Tabletop

Black and White Design on the Tabletop

The black and white design on the tabletop of this nightstand is a grand design. It gave a distinct personality to it. The drawers below it are great storage spaces and the black color would fit in or contrast nicely with any color interior of the room.

9. Unusual nightstand Design

black nightstand

This white nightstand has an unusual design. The swirls of black design on the drawers below the table gave it a fantastic look. The different colors of the handles also made this a unique and fabulous design.

10. Great IKEA Chairs

Great IKEA Chairs

This nightstand design is a wonderful work of art. Putting a drawer under a big wood chair made this an unusual and fantastic design and storage space as well. The backseat of the chair is a great place to hang scarves and small things.

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