Mediterranean style bedroom

10 Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

Turquoise Bedrooms

The colour between blue and green takes its name from the precious turquoise stone, which is thought to protect and soothe. Turquoise is said to be a symbol for and a driver for better communication and thought clarity, which makes is a great colour for bedrooms.

Turquoise also transcends age, personality, and gender, which makes it a great feature in almost any colour palette. Add pastels for a more feminine look, dark woods for a more traditional feel, or darker hues of blue and red for a more dramatic atmosphere.

Turquoise is beautifully dynamic and can we worked well in an endless number of ways. Take a look into these ten fabulous turquoise bedrooms for ideas on how to use the wonderful colour in your home:

1. Turquoise Wooden Bed

Turquoise stands out in this feminine bedroom
The turquoise stands out in this feminine bedroom but doesn’t overpower the room. A painted bed, mirror frame and bed throw tie the colour theme together beautifully.

2. Subtle Light Turquoise Hues

A subtle touch of colour with a turquoise pastel hue
Add a subtle touch of colour with a turquoise pastel hue, and a matching glass tabletop. Mix in darker blues and greens for a more interesting colour palette without losing the cool, breezy feel.

3. Bright Turquoise With Mismatched Wood

Silver, white, and dark woods all feature in this room
Balance out your bright colours by mixing the colours of your wooden features. Silver, white, and dark woods all feature in this room to add more depth and varying hues.

4. All Turquoise Home Office

Subtle home office
Paler turquoise can cover an entire room without overpowering it. We’re in love with this subtle home office with turquoise flooring and walls, contrasting with burnt orange tones in the ceiling, desk, and lampshade.

5. Bright Feminine Style

Perfect feminine and relaxing bedroom
Mix it up with whites, pinks, and elaborate patterns help to create this perfect feminine and relaxing bedroom.

6. Burnt Hues

Mediterranean style bedroom
Deeper turquoise mixed well with burnt hues of blue, red and orange to create a grown up palette of warm and cool shades in a Mediterranean style bedroom.

7. Pastel Bedroom

Girls bedroom
Pale turquoise goes great with all pastel colours and white, and this girls bedroom is no exception. The blue is cooling and relaxing, and not at all overpowering.

8. Cool Tones With Elaborate Patterns

Bedroom with cool colour palette
This room features a very cool colour palette and plain and simple design, which is spiced up well with elaborate and geometric patterns and textures.

9. Unique Wall Art

Bedroom with beautiful wall art
This beautiful wall art looks fantastic, and the orange and turquoise reduces the intensity of the deep turquoise walls and keeps the atmosphere relaxing and simple.

10. Lots Of Light

 Light and airy room
If you like a light and airy room, check out how this room uses light colours and lots of natural light to achieve a breezy and relaxing atmosphere.

If you’re a fan of turquoise and not sure how to implement it into your bedroom, use the images above as examples of how any shade or intensity of the colour can be complemented or balanced out to achieve the perfect room for you.

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