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Trendy designs for the small bedroom

Trendy designs for the small bedroom is design to beautify your very own bathroom. A lot of designs have been done for a small bedroom, acted upon and those that do not work have been discarded. Surprisingly small sized furniture does not work in small bedrooms. Rather, the big bed, cabinets work wonders to make the small bedroom achieve a bigger and spacious look. Mirrors also help by the way they reflect images giving a bigger look to the small bedroom.

Whatever works for you though would be fine but here we’ve compiled some trendy designs for the small bedroom that might inspire you to use in the room.

 1. Original Striped Wall Bedroom

Original Striped Wall Bedroom

White is a great color for small spaces since it helps to make the walls recede and make the room look bigger. This white bedroom used another fantastic design of putting up different size, shape and design of mirrors to its walls. It gave the bedroom a personality that is fantastic to look at.

 2. Under Bed Storage

Under Bed Storage

Space storage would always be the problem of small rooms. The advent of great looking cabinets have solved this but this white bedroom went further and put storage space under the bed. This could be tucked out of sight and give the bedroom a neat and finished look.

 3. Build In Dresser

Build In Dresser

This colorful bedroom is a fantastic design. To save more space, the cabinet was actually built inside the walls. It does not only look fabulous but gives additional storage space. The yellow and white curtains contrast fantastically with the blue color of the walls and cabinets.

 4. South Well Lamp Nightstand

Southwell Lamp Nightstand

Decors can give a positive or negative image to a bedroom. In this small white bedroom, the beautifully designed lamp placed on top of a period cabinet definitely gave the bedroom a distinct character.

 5. Shelving Small Bedroom

Shelving Small Bedroom

Putting floating shelves on the walls of a bedroom would not only look great, it can also give space for putting decors and things on it. This white floating shelf is a beautiful design that matched the white walls perfectly.

 6. Double Duty Desk

Double Duty Desk

Period pieces are great furniture to use as decor in any room of the house. This period piece not only looks gorgeous but matched the antique black bed as well. The lace bed cover is a great accent.

 7. Shelves Desks

Shelves Desks

Floor to ceiling floating shelves will not only solve storage space, it would also look fantastic since decors and things can be placed on it and make the room look neat and well organized.

 8. Green Headboard

Green Headboard

The gold colored desk lamp contrasted fantastically with the green colored bed and made this small white bedroom amazing. Wicker baskets placed below the open cabinet can be a great storage space.

 9. Window Treatment

Window Treatment

Lucky are you if the small bedroom has a window. Windows bring in natural light that can brighten up the room and make it look cheerful.

10. Space Large Art

Space Large Art

A big art work hanged on the wall can perk up a small bedroom and give it a personality. The big art must not be bigger than the width of the bed so it could become the focal point of the room.

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