Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

The Perfect Decor for a Teen Girls’ Bedroom

The Perfect Decor for a Teen Girls’ Bedroom are listed and shown. Teen girls would want their bedrooms to look perfect as this is their place of sanctuary. This is an exciting age where new ideas are explored and discarded and independence in planning and decorating is insisted upon. The wise parent would encourage the play of imagination as long as it is within legal bounds and advice diplomatically if it goes to the extreme. Parents who would insist on their decor ideas would likely end up unhappy if the occupant does not like it. Here we’ve come up with some of the beast decor ideas to make the teen girl’s bedroom perfect.

1. Trendy Teen Room

Trendy Teen Room

A black and white bedroom with splashes of red would be the perfect choice for a teenage girl that is into Gothic art. The big black artwork on a white wall background is a nice touch.

2. Electric Bedroom

Electric Bedroom

The colorful and beautifully designed bed cover is fantastic. The chandelier with a layered curtain is a fascinating design and a great accent to the room. The red colored wood beams on the ceiling contrasted beautifully with the white walls and bed.

3. Double Deck Small Room

Double Deck Small Room

This is a great design for a small room with limited space. The double deck bed with its bottom hollowed out to function as a study area looks great. The shelves built all around it give storage space.

4. Cute Teen Bedroom

Cute Teen Bedroom

The bold colors of red, black and white all blended harmoniously in this bedroom making it look fantastic. The four poster design of the bed is a nice touch and the use of a black and white striped pattern on the lampshade is lovely.

5. Pink and Black Color Coordination

Pink and Black Color Coordination

The pink and black color coordinates of this room is awesome. The big artwork of New York’s skyline on the wall is fantastic. This is a chic and stylish design for a teen girl’s bedroom.

6. Violet Artwork Design

Violet Artwork Design

Violet and white looks good in this bedroom. The artwork of violet flowers proved a perfect backdrop to the violent print of the bedcovers. The shelves built on the side of the bed are a nice touch.

7. Natural Lighting Concept

Natural Lighting Concept

The large picture window gave natural lighting and emphasized the bright colors of the room. The colorful striped area rug contrasted fantastically with the colorful bedcovers and the yellow polka dotted walls.

8. 3D Art Wall Ideas

3D Art Wall Ideas

This black and white bedroom is stylish and has plenty of character. The large eyes artwork on the wall is the focal point of this bedroom.

9. Chic and Elegant Style

Chic and Elegant Style

This is a chic and elegant styled bedroom with its ornate chandelier, and the striped black and white curtain. The mannequin is a nice touch.

10. Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Shelves surrounding the bed do not only look great it gives ample storage space. The blue polka dot area rug blends seamlessly with the colors of the room. The dominant peace symbol used as design on the bed covers and the lampshade is a fantastic accent. The wooden box at the end of the bed is a nice touch.

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