Beautiful attic bedroom design

Stunning Designs For The Attic Bedroom

The attic is one of the most neglected rooms in the house. In times past it is used to store the home’s general junk from old papers, broken furniture and toys and whatnots. This makes them look dark and creepy. Nowadays, attics have become trendy due to the skylight that it usually has and also the practical side of having an extra room in the house that can be turned into a bedroom or a home office. The natural light that comes in from the skylight window is already a great design and planning it well will truly make that attic bedroom stunning.

1. White Attic Bedroom

White attic bedroom design

This white attic bedroom is truly stunning. The natural light that comes in from the two skylight windows brightened up the white interiors and made the room delightful. The antique treasure chest at the foot of the bed is a fantastic accent.

2. Fabulous Attic Bedroom

Bedroom with a low wood bed

Using highly polished wood planks for the ceiling, walls and floor made this attic bedroom fabulous. The low wood bed with its brown bedcovers made the bedroom look warm and inviting.

3. Small Attic Bedroom

White and blue bedroom

This small attic bedroom looks lovely. The blue color that was used on the walls and the natural light that comes in from the skylight window made this room bright and cheerful. The white cabinet and chair blended right in with the blue color and the white furry area rug is a great accent.

4. Attic Bedroom

Bedroom with black upholstered chairs

The outline art of a house at the back of the bed is a fantastic design that highlighted the white bed and floors of this attic bedroom. The black upholstered chairs are great accents.

5. Stunning Attic Bedroom

Bedroom with a white bed

The white fabulous intricate chandelier over the white bed made this attic room look stunning. The white floors gave the perfect backdrop to the shiny wood panels of the walls and ceiling. The gold colored large area rug is a great accent.

6. Fantastic Attic Bedroom 

White bedroom design

This fantastic attic bedroom even had a bathroom installed adjacent to it. The skylight was cleverly used in the bathroom space and the white interiors of the bedroom made a great contrast to the wood panels that were used on the ceiling and wall of the bath.

7. Awesome Attic Bedroom

Small attic bedroom

The white ceilings and walls contrasted wonderfully with the shiny wood floors of this small attic bedroom and made it look awesome. The home office adjacent to the bed is a nice design and the blue color of the bedcover is a great accent.

8. White And Green Bedroom

Attic bedroom with a book shelf

The skylight on this attic bedroom was extended to the floor and made a great picture window for this fantastic attic bedroom. The green and white colors blended seamlessly and made this a fabulous bedroom.

9. Beautiful Attic Bedroom

Beautiful attic bedroom design

The bed placed below the skylight window made this attic bedroom design unique and beautiful. The lilac colored pillows are great accents.

10. Bright Attic Bedroom

Bedroom with a wallpaper

The extension of the skylight windows made this attic bedroom look bright and airy. The colorful flower design of the wallpaper used behind the bed looks fantastic against the white walls and ceiling.

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