How to make your Small Master Bedroom look Spacious

When decoration the small master bedroom one has to be creative enough and make sure that interior design and decorating of the bedroom is properly planned.  It is good idea to use light and bright colors for the walls ,curtains and beddings as these can make the bedroom feel bigger. Also have a nice big window to bring in some natural light during day time.

You don’t often see a master bedroom that is small. Usually a master bedroom is the biggest bedroom in a house. However there are those master bedroom that are smaller than others. There are ways to make your small master bedroom look spacious and cozy. So here are some designs and small master bedroom ideas to make your master bedroom look roomy.

  1. Choose the right color

 small master bedroom

It is important to choose the right color for your small master bedroom. Color can affect the look of your room; dark colors usually makes a room more crammed up and small. So it is better to go for colors that are bright and vibrant. This also makes your room cozier and comfortable.

  1. White And spicy orange accents

orange-red bedroom accents

Use vibrant and pastel colors in your walls. Go for various shades of the same color in fabrics like your bed sheets and curtains. You can also mix pastel colors like white and orange. This gives a lively glow to your room.

  1. Bigger Windows in Small Bedroom

corner windows

Bigger windows also let more light inside your room. The more light comes inside the room, the livelier it becomes. Bigger windows also create a spacious and expansive illusion to your small master bedroom.

  1. Light fixtures

 small master bedroom

Go for light fixtures that make the room brighter. Light fixtures can also make a big difference in your small master bedroom. Illumination can bring out the best parts in your room and takes away attention to the actual size of the room.

  1. Choose cabinets and closets wisely

Modern Bedroom

Choose cabinets and closets wisely. For a small master bedroom it is important that the cabinets are big enough to cater all clothes and other stuff that needs to be put in a cabinet. Corner cabinets and built in closets are very good choices for small masters bedroom.

  1. Built in closet for all your storage

built in wardrobe

Built in wall closets take lesser floor space and actually works great for a small bedroom. You have one wall of your small master bedroom attached with a built in closet for all your storage needs. This gives you more closet space without taking up too much floor space.

  1. Bedroom Cabinets And Drawers

bedroom storage

Have cabinets and dressers with drawers for organized storage of make ups and other vanity products. Also, this can serve as underwear or sock drawer. Having drawers can also be very helpful in terms of keeping surfaces uncluttered, making your room cleaner and well kept.

  1. Utilize Space

Store in under-bed drawers

Utilize spaces which can serve as additional storage areas. Look for spaces in your master bedroom which you can easily turn into a space to put a small table with drawers or wall areas where you can install shelves. In other cases use the bottom of your bed as storage spaces by installing drawers wherein you can store your linens and pillowcases.

  1. Keep your room simple and homey

simple small bedroom

Keep your room simple and homey. Devoid your bedroom from additional clutter by taking away furniture pieces and piles of stuff that can make the room smaller. Keep only furniture pieces that will serve practical functions like the bed, a wicker chair, cabinets, shelves.

10. Embellish your small master bedroom

small master bedroom

Embellish your small master bedroom with simple yet artistic decorations. Make sure that your framed photos are lined up well. You can also choose colorful and artsy wall papers or murals. Just make sure that decorations go well with the whole theme and won’t make your room feel clogged and crowded.

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