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Enter The Glittery World Of Silver Bedroom Ideas

Decorating your bedroom with silver furniture ,wallpaper and other bedroom accessories can make it look glamorous and luxurious.  metallic-finish wallpaper and silver furniture does a great job at boosting light levels and works beautifully with other colours for example purple for a calm bedroom scheme. Add deeper amethyst accents for warmth and you have a dream bedroom.

Silver has always been attractive since the time it was discovered.  Gold may be valuable but silver, because of its white color, remains the favorite.  For this very reason silver has even invaded the privacy of our homes and that is none other than the bedroom.

Here are some Silver Bedroom ideas on how best to use silver as the main décor of the room.

1.   Silver Bedroom Furniture

Fantastic silver bedroom idea

From mirrors to walls to bed, all is silver.  It looks fantastic!  The use of a tiny green lampshade and a grey Afghan thrown artfully on the bed is magical.

2.   Eclectic Bedroom Design

Huge silver mirror looks like a coin

The huge silver mirror looks like a coin. It is all silver.  No other color breaks it.  A fairy must have sprinkled silver dust all over the room.  A must have.

3.   Four Poster Bed

The coverlet is made of silk

The bed is a four poster.  It is coloured silver. The coverlet is made of silk.  It is coloured in silver. Three big windows surround the room.  Its natural lighting captured the true silver essence of the room.

4.   Bedroom With Silver And Grey Rug

Bedroom With Silver And Grey Rug

Drawers, bed and lampshade are pure silver.  A green plant on top of the drawer and the red shoes gave a charming break to the otherwise silver theme.  The brown wooden floor was partially covered by a silver and grey rug and this evoked a playful spirit to the room.

5.   Silver Bedroom With A Painting On The Wall

Silver bedroom idea

The very light brown table and pillow proved to be the perfect foil for this silver bedroom.  The painting on the wall behind the bed gives the impression of a forest during winter.

6.   Transitional Bedroom

High ceilings painted in silver

High ceilings painted in silver.  The bed is silver and has headboard and footboard. Even the bric-a-bracs are silver. The lone brown pillow lords it over the silver kingdom.

7.    Silver And Brown Bedroom

Silver and brown bedroom design

Silver and brown look great on this room idea.  Large glass windows provide natural lighting and a magical air to the room.  The silver lamp is a statement by itself as with the white woolen rug on the wooden floor.

8.  Natural lighting and marble wall

comfy bed

The bed is so comfy; one is tempted to jump on it. The large picture window gives the room its natural lighting. The marble wall reflects the picture window giving it a double image.

9.    Gold And Silver Bedroom

Bedroom with a comfy silver bed

Gold and silver was combined as theme for this room.  The room looks fantastic from its comfy silver bed to the gold furnishings that has been placed just so on the floor. There seem to be Christmas trees on the side but this could be taken off and the room reverts back to its silver theme.

10.   Harmonious Silver Room

Blue and silver bedroom

The mix of blue to an otherwise silver room looks harmonious. The glass door gives the room its natural lighting and the silver wooly rug looks fabulous. The blue chaise lounge is a beautiful addition to the room making it look so light and airy.

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