Shabby Chic Bed Frame Designs

The perfect shabby chic bed frame design can add unbeatable elegance and charm to bedroom, giving that extra je ne sais quoi. In this article we’ll see that bed frames come in all shapes, sizes and materials, from wood to metal, painted to bare, and how you can even get creative making or up-cycling pieces yourself.

Furniture needn’t all be matching, seek out individual pieces from auctions and bric-a-brac stores that work well together, and embrace the ad-hoc feel… its far more creative!

See a collection of pictures on this post to help you create a shabby chic bedroom design of your own using a shabby chic Bed frame .

1. Shabby Chic White Bed

shabby chic bedroom

This fresh white painted wooden frame with its curved shape and grooving works perfectly with the rest of the feminine, delicate decor of this room. Tones are muted throughout, the predominant colour being white, layered with accents of soft blues, greys and pinks.

2.  Softly Hued Décor

Softly Hued Decor

This luxurious frame is regal yet understated, characterised by its chesterfield padding, ornate framework and neutral tones. It is perfectly in-keeping with the rest of the room’s luxurious, softly hued decor.

3.  Provence Rattan White Wooden Bed Frame

 frame is chic, simple

This frame is chic, simple, with a hint of traditionalism that works perfectly within this old-meets-new feel bedroom. The modern wooden flooring and muted coloured walls is contrasted with the traditional skirting boards and wall panelling, whilst ornate accessories like the mirror and fluffy rug and cushion add a feeling of glamorous nostalgia.

4.   Shabby Chic Painted Wooden Panels 

shabby chic wooden panels

This beautiful attic room with floor to wall to ceiling cream painted wooden panels is shabby chic at its finest. The decor is fresh and bright with soft rose colours blended in throughout. The solid cream bed frame adds some extra feminine, vintage character with its gentle curved shape and delicate detailing. 

5.   Vintage Style Room

vintage bedroom

This lovely distressed frame adds true character and a lived-in feel to this vintage style room. Its simple curved shape and colour compliments its cream painted surroundings and lets the lilac accents to the rest of the talking. A unique, individual piece. 

6.   Vintage Shabby Chic Feel 

Vintage Shabby Chic Feel

This bric-a-brac filled space, although possibly not to everyone’s taste, certainly has that vintage shabby chic feel to it. The distressed painted bed-frame is a little ‘un-done’ just like the rest of the room and looks as though it could’ve been there for years. A truly authentic looking piece.

7.   Duck Egg Blue And Baby Pink Textiles

Girl’s Dream

This bedroom is surely every little girl’s dream, oozing that fairy-tail feel we imagine this to be exactly what Peter Pan’s Wendy’s room would’ve been like. Netural tones of duck egg blue and baby pink textiles, mesh curtains and dome shaped windows combine together and create the backdrop for the focal point of this room; the bed. Authentic looking and oh so shabby chic, this frame was created with princesses in mind.

8.  Shabby Chic Pallet Bed Frame

boys room

This space has to be every artist’s room dreams fulfilled. The combination of natural light and natural materials creates this super simplistic, rugged feel that is as inexpensive to create as it is stylish. Palettes are a brilliant way to create that rustic style; a quick sand-down and a few nails and you’ve got a bed frame pretty much for free! Add some industrial style lamps and plenty of books to complete the look.

9.  Shabby Chic Furniture

wooden tables ,metal bed frame

This rustic bed frame exudes vintage charm and works perfectly with this baroque design bedspread. The collection of frames on the wall, haphazard books on the stone table at the foot of the bed and miniature lampshades either side complete this eclectic room design.

10.  Shabby Chic Décor

shabby chic bedroom idea

This elegant frame is perfectly matched with this ornate chandelier giving this room a truly ‘princess and the pea’ feel. Fresh white paint and furniture, combined with the cream painted wooden flooring creates a soft, bright feel to this natural-light filled space. 

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