green and brown master bedroom

Modern Master Bedroom Design Colour Palette

We gathered photos of master bedroom designs with different colors to help you choose which color to pick. It varies from modern, contemporary to eclectic, but all of these designs suggest one thing – tranquility. After all that is the main purpose of having a master bedroom, right? To have a peaceful retreat from our busy lives brought about by our day-to-day activities. We know that choosing the right palette for your master bedroom is not a simple task, so if you may, you could also seek advice from color experts or professionals. But if you are looking for inspiration, here are 10 Master Bedroom Colors that can give you the relaxing mood you want.

So it’s time to give your master bedroom a much needed makeover. Wondering which color palette to go for? Well, a master bedroom is where you sit back and relax after the end of a tiring day. Since it’s such an important part of your home, a master bedroom deserves the look of a sanctuary which will do away with all your stress. Read on for further insight on how to choose the right colour palette for your master bedroom, which not only will glam it up but also will make it as comfortable as ever.

1. Green wall colour

green and brown master bedroom

Green has been used as a primary wall colour in this room for that nice refreshing feel. The queen side bed has a comfortable look to it, while the bedding is in a complementing shade of beige and moss green. Warm shades of furniture bring the colour theme together.

2.  Wooden shade across this room

big loft master bedroom

The predominant wooden shade across this room gives the feel of a cabin to your master bedroom. Blue and an off white hue has been used on the rest of the walls, which complements the wooden tinge. White has been used in the bedding while the curtains match the blue wall.

3.  Bed compliments the decor in white

beige and white master bedroom

For a nice classy look, beige has been used as a predominant colour in this decor. The walls, the curtain and the couch are in different shades of beige, while the bed compliments the decor in white. To add a dash of colour, the bed end stool has been upholstered in a bright shade of fuscia.

4. Perfect for a couple in love

perfect for a couple in lover master bedroom

Perfect for a couple in love, this master bedroom features a lot of red in its decor. The walls are in beige which complements the bright red bedding. The headboard is in a baby pink tone while a crystal chandelier brings the look together.

5. Keeping a lot of organic colours in mind

dull green and brown-bedroom

This master bedroom has been done up keeping a lot of organic colours in mind. The walls feature a warm tone in pistachio, while the bedding and curtains are in a dark brown tone. The throw in pillows in lighter shades of brown and beige complement the look.

6. white bedroom extremely glamorous

white bedroom

A perfect example of how an all white bedroom can look extremely glamorous, this look features a simple bed with white bedding, a beautiful painting of a woman on the wall and a lot of throw in pillows in black, grey and silver.

7. Purple with golden Asian inspired patterns

purple bedroom idea

This bedroom decor is nice and lavish and has an Asian look to it. The predominant colour here is purple with golden Asian inspired patterns on the bed sides, head board. A full sized mirror with golden frames a touch of glamour to the room.

8. Pink ,black  and white patterns

pink and black bedroom

This decor has retro look to it predominantly in pink, and black and white patterns. The wall in a girly pink shade matches perfectly the black and white ornamental pattern bedding. The chest is in pink as well while a painting featuring a black and white chandelier perfectly matches the hue theme.

9. Black and white Bedroom Decor Patterns

black and white master bedroom

Different shades of black and white have been used in this decor. The headboard and the chest are in complete black, while the wall features varied shades of grey. The bedding features interesting shades of grey, black and white.

10. Brown, Beige and Maroon Master Bedroom


Brown, beige and maroon are the hues majorly used in this decor. The wall is features in a muted shade of beige while the bedding is nice and comfortable in a shade of warm beige. The curtain add a dash of colour to the decor in dark maroon.

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