Dressers can also be big old tables

Lovely And Classic Shabby Chic Bedrooms For Girls

How does one differentiate the shabby chic interior from that of a vintage interior? Basically they are almost the same, however, you may notice that for shabby chic interiors furniture pieces are made and tweaked to look old. New furniture pieces are repainted several layers and then peeled. Vintage interiors are more on the classic and regal looking pieces. Shabby chic interior design has been gaining lots of popularity especially with teenage girls. Here are some lovely shabby chic bedroom ideas you might like.

1. Shabby Chic Bedroom

Bedroom with a big and padded bed

Shabby chic bedrooms can be dominated by a big and very comfortable, as in other bedroom interiors. It is important to have a big and padded bed for coziness and rest which is the essence of a bedroom. Clad your bed with fabrics that are thick and soft, with romantic or flower patterns in them.

2. Cream White Bedroom Design

Shabby chic bedroom

Bedspreads, pillow cases, and curtains must be of the same family color or shade. However, variations in designs and types can be welcomed and can also boost appearance of your shabby chic bedrooms. Stick to whites, beiges, or creams which you can paired with warm pastel colors like pink.

3. Beautiful Chic Bedroom

Bedroom with old bedframe

Iron or metal bedframes that have rusting parts in them or wooden frames with chipped paint are popular materials for bedframes. Again, the emphasis is on the old and well-used look of your bedframes, wherein rust and chipped paint would help boost. Shabby chic interiors go for that distressed old look, and bedframes which can be made of new materials are made to look old and well used.

4. White Bedroom Design

Bedroom with white bedframe

Most bedframes in a shabby chic interior is painted in white. White goes along well with pastel or warm colored bed fabrics. Also, white bedframe would make the room look neater and clean, even with chipped paint or a bit of rust in it.

5. Bedroom With A Side Bed Table

White bedroom design

Distressing can also be present in other furniture pieces like the bedside tables. Most bedside tables in shabby chic design are old looking because of chipped paint. Despite that, it can function real well through the use of the drawers and storage attached to having a bedside table.

6. Old Chest Drawer Design

Chest drawer with old drawer handles

Bedside tables can be made of wooden materials or other alternatives that would give that old wood look. Painting it with white or gray or other color will make it fit in well with the whole group. Go for old designs, those old drawer handles to go along with that old design.

7. Vintage Styled Dressing Table

Green dressing tables

Another equally efficient alternative to having a bedside table is a dresser. Dressers are important especially in a girl’s room where vanity is important. Put in an old looking dresser with drawers to put make up and other essentials in.

8. Whitewashed Wooden Table

Dressers can also be big old tables

Dressers can also be big old tables put in inside your bedroom, which can double as a study area. Go for whitewashed wooden tables that fit in your room without making it look crammed. Also make sure there is enough room in that table for studying.

9.  White Dressing Table

Dressing table with drawers

It is also in the details that you can find what a shabby chic interior is. Room accessories and other small things would complete the look of your bedroom. You can go for small storage fixtures such as jewelry box which you can display on top of your dressing table.

10. Kids Room

Kids room with whitewashed walls

To complete that shabby chic theme for your room, don’t renovate your bedroom fixtures such as the doors and also the floors. This way you stay true to the old and unchanged look. Chipping in the door paint or the vinyl or wooden material floor makes your room shabby without looking drab.

Another bedroom idea for shabby interior is to stick to white or cream walls. White walls make the room look spacious and also clean despite the chip or tear here and there. Keeping the room look bright is also another trick in achieving that shabby chic look.


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