Small Bedrooms

Interesting Bedroom Ideas for Small Space

Your bedroom though small must be given a special treatment. Interesting Bedroom Ideas for Small Space will surely help you in creating good and one of a kind ideas. You need to make sure that the space is maximize from wall to ceiling so you want to give it a special look for it to look bigger nd really functional. You think of the color scheme and furniture pieces that will perfectly will work for your bedroom.

Even you have small space for your bedroom, but once you have large and wide ideas, you will surely see the true essence of an inspired bedroom. Why not stop thinking on the size and go to on on how to make it remarkable? It is just a good and wide imagination away.

Featured here are 10 bedroom ideas small room that will give you smarter idea in configuring your bedroom interior.

1. Traditional Bedroom

Traditional Bedroom

A nice layout is perfectly drawn for this bedroom. As you can see the bed is placed between the two huge cabinets. This is a nice ideas for clothes storage. An upper and lower decks are built for extra sleeping area for a guest. Across the bed is a study area nicely laid out, a space enough to work on your school or office assignments.

2. Tribeca Loft

Tribeca Loft

Creating a something unique in your bedroom can an interesting look. Above the headboard is a wall light that improves the brightness in your room given a quite small window. The wall light exudes a different lighting effect in the room that is pleasant and something amusing.

3. Noyack Creek

Noyack Creek

Given the small space, a long stretched wall-to-wall idea of installing a study desk is another smart idea.  A strategic place such as the window gives adequate lighting and view while you work on perfecting your tasks. Putting extra texture on the wall by a one-of-a-kind décor is great idea to give your bedroom a lovely look.

4. Expert Closets Samples

Expert Closets Samples

Using a nook and a wall to install built-in cabinet is a great way to use up space for small room such as this. A wall-to-wall bed installation looks cozy here in this picture. The choice of white color for the room creates that clean and crispy atmosphere, making this place lovely and comfy.

5. Condo Interior Renovation

Condo Interior Renovation

This bedroom is given a spacious and attractive look. The color combination of white and bright green-colored wall runs delightfully well with the yellow flower design made to be an accent on the bed linen. The choice of happy colors create a fascinating appearance though the place is small. The use straight contours for every furnishing creates that simplicity and minimal clean look.

6. Bestumveien


A bedroom all in white creates a spark in this room. To make this small space to look bigger a narrow white daybed with storage is used in this bedroom. White study table and chairs, white curtains and accents make this place so airy and room.

7. Chelsea Teen’s room & bath

Chelsea Teen's room & bath

Another bedroom that take a daybed in for comofrt and classy style. The use of floating shelves to display frame pictures is a neat idea to decorate this small room. A great nook designated at the window accommodates musical hobby and a built-in storage is such a good idea to place other things you need to store in this place. The white color blends well with the shelf color of light teal, perfectly bright and beautiful.

8. Retro Beach House in Alys Beach, Florida

Retro Beach House in Alys Beach, Florida

Perfect low-lying and wide bed creates a vertical space in this room. The horizontal stripes design on the curtain makes it even more spacious. A nice window perfectly laid on that place creates a great view the moment you wake up and get up from bed. White theme color makes it freshly anew.

9. Eclectic Bedroom

Eclectic Bedroom

A great special nook is given attention as it turns to be a beautiful bedroom. Encased in a wooden frame, this place is warm and cozy feel. Pull-out shelves as part of the bedframe is a perfect storage idea.

10. Small Bedrooms

Small Bedrooms

Perfect lighting is way too beautiful in this small bedroom. A wall across the bed is given that lovely nook treatment. The use of space is great for putting that floating shelf on the wall and accessorizing it with such class and elegance.









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