Bedroom with a large area rug

Ideas And Designs For The Small Bedroom

The small bedroom is a versatile room. It can be designed with the right ideas to make it look bigger, taller and neater. It can be painted in pastel colors to make it look bigger, bold colors to make it come alive or a combination of both to make it fantastic. Horizontal or vertical striped wallpaper design can also help make it look bigger. All in all, there are a thousand ideas that can be done to a small bedroom that would not work in bigger rooms. We’ve compiled some ideas and designs meant to make the small bedroom look marvelous.

1. Small Bedroom

Bedroom with a large area rug

The bold black and white design used on the large area rug and windows gave a beautiful contrast to the white walls of this small bedroom. Using same pattern could make a room look bigger. Pale walls also add to the image.

2. Bedroom With A Big Bed Set

Small bedroom

The big bed set against the window gave more space for a period piece cabinet and walking around space. The big brown area rug is a perfect combination to the wood floors and the lamp used overhead is a fantastic design.

3. Colorful Bedroom

Floating shelf contrasted very nicely with the blue walls and white bed

The pink floating shelf turned into a nightstand is a fantastic design that gave personality to the bedroom. It also contrasted very nicely with the blue walls and white bed.

4. Bedroom With A Black Colored Art

Small bedroom design

Using white or pale colors to the walls would make it look larger and this small bedroom had the right idea. The black colored art on the wall made the room larger and contrasted very well with the white walls and bed.

5. Marvelous Small Bedroom

Small bedroom design

White walls and the beautiful white lace used on the bedcover made this small bedroom marvelous. The white wooden floors blended perfectly and the use of blue on the lower bedcover is a nice touch.

6. Fantastic Bedroom Design

Bedroom with a stenciled artwork

Stenciled artwork on the walls can do wonders for the image of a small bedroom giving it the needed personality. The white flower stencil design on the pale blue walls of this small bedroom made it look fantastic.

7. White Bedroom Design

Bedroom with the wall to ceiling shelves

White walls, white bed and furniture made this small apartment bigger. The wall to ceiling shelves on the side of the bed is a great idea for much needed spaces for storage.

8. Amazing Small Bedrom

Bedroom with a big art work

The big art work on the wall is the focal point and made this small bedroom look amazing. The gray walls contrasted very well with the brown bed and brown carpet.

9. White Black And Pink Bedroom

Small bedroom design

Splashes of bold colors used on a bland wall will make a room come alive as is the case for this small bedroom. The dark pink art on the white walls is the focal point and contrasting them with the black bed and nightstand is a great design.

10. Small White Bedroom

Bedroom with a vertical stripe cabinet

The color green seems to be the dominant splash of color to this small white bedroom. The vertical stripe design on the cabinet is a great design and the multi colored headboard also adds to the image.

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