Leave space between furniture

Great ideas On how to create Space in A Small Bedroom

Designining a small bedroom is not usually easy because of lack of space to store things. Having some kind of a minimalist bedroom could help expand space in a small bedroom making look bigger.  A well decorated bedroom and well arranged furniture can help relax when you having a snooze or sleeping in your bedroom. You want to design a bedroom that will enhance your mood and ambience.  These great small bedroom ideas we are showcasing today will help you change the look of your bedroom.

You can create an illusion of space in the bedroom by following the simple things we have below. You can start by choosing the right furniture. So, when you purchase furniture, keep in mind the dimensions of the room. You also have to choose the right paint for the room and accessories, too. To help you, here are big yet simple ideas to make your small bedroom look large.

1.  Make use Of Simple Color Scheme

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colour scheme

Using simple bright colors will make your small room look bigger . Painting the ceilings with a white color will give your bedroom a clean smart and give the room a sense of height and space. Dark and bold colors are not  really good color schemes for your ceilings as it will make the bedroom appear abit dark inside and feel like a boxed room. You want to feel at home when you are in your bedroom at all times.  Painting the walls with neutral colors will give the room natural brighteness even in the dark and give them room some added space feeling. Try not to use alot of wall hangings like pictures and other wall decorative stuff. It will make your room appear cluttered and can reduce the space around the bedroom. Remember less is better.

2. Leave space inbetween furniture

Leave space between furniture


Your furniture choice can affect the way you room look ,so choose the furniture to use for you small bedroom wisely. Swedish and Asian furniture style can be a good choice for your your bedroom furniture as they are classy and less bulky. Using a sofa bed for your bedroom can sae two purpose especially if you have some kind of a bedsit as you can convert in into a sofa during day time and into bed at night serving you space .  For a bedside table,how about using a convertibe small desk or work station so it is bedside table when you want it to be and then work station to do your paper work on.

3.  Use A Design Theme That Will Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

bedroom design theme

There are different types of themes you can use to design your bedroom.  You can make it look luxuries to taylor what best suits you or you can make it look like houseboat withe white and blue colour schems or make it look like a car. The way you design you bedroom is upto you and the way you want it to look like. You can turn your bedroom into some luxuries hotel bedroom you saw while on holiday or like your favorite  cottage bedroom design.  It all depends with the furniture and color schemes you choose and the way you arrange furniture in your bedroom what will affect the way your bedroom look.

4.  Remove Obstacles Out Of the Way

leave space in bedroom

Because it can be challenging to arrange furniture in a small bedroom,try to put your bed closer to the wall or at the corner of the room. Also place the bedside table to the corner so that you can leave enough spce to move around on the other sides.

5. Be Creative With Storage Space

creative space for small bedroom

One of the biggest problem when you have a small bedroom is finding space to store things. This can be overcomed by planning ahead for example when you are designing your bedroom think of storage space at the same time. You can have built in wardrobe,bed with drawers,foot stool that has space inbetween to store things in or you can buy chest of drawers and stand up wardrobes . That will help store all your belongings out of sight leaving your bedroom refreshing and clutter free.

6. Use A Huge Mirror On the Wall

use large mirror.

Placing a a large mirror on the wall can help your small bedroom appear big . You can also use pictures on the wall like a big canvas on the other side of the wall that will refelect in the large mirror you have paced on the other side. Or better still leave the other wall decor your bed can still reflect in the mirror giving you a sense on bigger space. Also during daytime natural light will reflect on the mirror and bounce back to other areas of you bedroom making your room have enough light coming through and appear bigger too.

7.  Use Beds With Headboard Not Footboard

beds with headboards

Beds with footboards are good but can take up lots of space leaving you with less space o make use of. Instead of beds with footboardyou can use a bed with heardboard this can save up space in your bedroom to put storage bins under the bed. headboards can be also decorative for your bedroom making your room attractive even when it has small size.

8. Have mounted wall lights

mounted wall lights in bedroom

Image: Julie Wimmer

To have more free spaces, you can place reading lights on the wall. That way, you wouldn’t need a bedside table. Place other lights on the wall near your bed, too. Use pinlights and recessed lighting if you want for a more relaxing mood in your room.

10. Keep your things Out Of Sight.

Keep your things hidden
Knowing how to store things away and making use of the creative storate can help make the room appear big. When you leave clutter around the house it can reduce the amount of space there in that particular room.  Making use of bed side tables can help keep books and novels in safe place but out of sight leaving you with enough space to use. Using storage bins to store things and then place theme under the bed can be one way of utilising space at the same time making the room abit bigger

These ideas showcased in this post today can help you design you small bedroom depending on which bedroom design above you think suits you best.  There so many ways and ideas on how to create space in a small bedroom but you know your bedroom better than anyone else. But the good thing to remember is that whichever way you design and decorate your small bedroom,make your bed function and leave alot of space to move around.

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