Great Ideas for Small Bedrooms in an Apartment

Ideas for Small Bedrooms

For a small apartment it is important that you are able to fit and layout your rooms accordingly to the floor space. That is why having a small bedroom is always a result of a small spaced apartment. However, you don’t have to fret about having a tiny bedroom as there are ways to improve the look of your bedroom, taking the attention away from how small it is.

Here are some space saving and appearance enhancing ideas for small bedrooms in an apartment.

1. Bedroom With A Small Bed

Thi small bed is good looking and very efficient

It is alright not to have a big sized bed for your small bedroom apartment. There are small beds that look good and are very efficient. Also, smaller beds are practical as they don’t take up too much space and can be moved easily as it’s not too heavy. You can have those single bed types that have drawers underneath.

2. Contemporary Kids Bedroom With Drawers Underneath

These drawers can serve as storage for folded shirts and underwear

Beds that have drawers underneath them are practical and efficient as well. Drawers can be very useful because it is also known that in a small bedroom you don’t have big space for closets. These drawers can serve as storage for folded shirts and underwear. You can have those heavy padded bed foams to add comfort to your single bed with drawers.

3. Modern Bedroom With Sparsely Furniture

Bedroom with a bigger bed

If you opt for bigger beds, your bedroom should be sparsely decorated with furniture. Too much furniture pieces can only make your room crowded. It is also much better to have sliding doors that would separate your room from the rest of the other rooms.

4. Contemporary Bedroom With A Sliding Door

Sliding doors are great for small spaces because they don’t take up floor space

Sliding doors are great for small spaces because they don’t take up floor space when you open them. There is lots of variety for sliding doors. You can go for glass or for Zen inspired sliding doors.  Just make sure that whatever material you choose for your bedroom sliding door would fit in with the whole theme of the apartment.

5. Bedroom With Storage

It is also important to have an effective closet for your storage need

It is also important to have an effective closet for your storage need. However, it has to be fit the room well and not take up too much space so as the bedroom would not look crammed up. Clothes storage can be in the form of floor to ceiling cabinets. You can have two medium sized cabinets to hang your clothes on in a sorted manner.

  1. Small Bedroom with Built in Closets

6.Small Bedroom with Built in Closets

You can also have those built in closets that can surround your bed area. Make sure that your closet has lots of partitions for all the things you need to store. Built in closets that surround your bed can also serve as a nice and attractive design to your bedroom.

  1.  hanging rack

hanging rack

In addition to your wardrobe and drawers, you can have a hanging rack where you can hang jackets and dresses you planned to wear for a weak. This way you can prepare your outfits and locate them easily. Hanging racks don’t also take up too much floor space so it is still a clever idea to have one in your small bedroom.

  1. Separator of your bedroom

bedroom Separator

Your storage space can also serve as the separator of your bedroom and the rest of the apartment. A divider the width of your bed with lots of partitions for your books and other stuff can act as bedroom separator. You can have movable curtains behind the bookshelves to improve the look of your bedroom separator.

  1. Brighter bedrooms

Brighter bedrooms

Have amazing light fixtures to make the room look brighter. Brighter bedrooms can have that spacious illusion. Good light can also help in the relaxing and comfort factor that a bedroom should have.

10. Farmhouse bedroom

Farmhouse bedroom

It is also better if you have a big window in your bedroom. Positioning your bed near the window would improve the look of your small bedroom. Letting more light in makes the bedroom vibrant and fresh, resulting to better appearance. This also takes the attention away from the size of your bedroom.

Even small apartment bedrooms can be attractive and nice. The important factors you have to put in mind are the following: layout, closet or storage spaces, and lighting fixtures. They are the important characteristics that can make your bedroom look spacious and comfortable.

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