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10 Great Designs for an Attic Room Ideas

The attic has always been used as a storage space for old items, furniture pieces, and appliances. Great Designs for an Attic Room will help you to do so. However, there are some who put their attics to good use by turning it into a functional room, getting rid of all the old items. An attic can actually be a good space to for a bedroom or a living/TV room.

Also they are known for having an inelegantly shaped space but the simplicity it looks like will amaze you. This is one of the reasons that most attics are used as storage purposes. But one thing, even it is commonly used as storage, once you put time designing it, you can live there. But wouldn’t it be satisfying to use all the available spaces in the house properly? Well, some convert attics into entertainment room, living room, bedroom, library, office space, children’s playroom and others.

Here are some attic room ideas that might help you convert your attic into an amazing room.

1. Attic Bedroom Design

Attic Bedroom Design

An attic room can be turned into a warm and bright master’s bedroom. Putting the bed up against the part where the window is makes the room looks bigger. Usually, attics are really spacious, that’s why when turned into a room, you are sure that you’ll have a big room as a product.

2. White Attic Bedroom

White Attic Bedroom

To make use of the much bigger space that an attic has you can turn it into a bedroom with more beds for your kids. Turning an attic into a shared bedroom can be a perfect solution especially for families who have a bigger brood.This way you don’t have to worry about the convenience of your children who share bedrooms.

3. Closet Ideas Bedroom

attic bedroom ideas

Since an attic room is spacious, you can turn it into a bedroom with large closet space. This way you have more room for all your clothes to be put in a walk-in closet. When you put up a walk in closet in your attic you have more space to work on than when you have a closet in a normal bedroom. Also, you have the freedom to organize your clothes into colors, or types of fabrics if you want.

4. Attic with Modern Bathroom and Bathtub

Attic with Modern Bathroom and Bathtub

Otherwise if you want to have a bedroom with a bigger bathroom to accommodate a bathtub, transforming the attic into such is an amazing idea. This will allow you more space to have that dream big bathroom with a separate shower and bath area.

5. Perfect Triangular Attic

Perfect Triangular Attic

Alternative design is to turn your attic into a bedroom with study or office area. With this you don’t need another space in your house to make into a study or home office, as it is already combined with the attic bedroom. It also is a perfect idea because you can study and work in peace away from all the buzz of the house.

6. White Attic Bedroom

White Attic Bedroom

If you want to have a certain place to become the study area for your kids and a home office for you, then it would be great to turn your attic into one. The location of the attic produces a more conducive area for work and studying as it’s away from noise. Have separate study tables for kids and slightly bigger desks for adults. Also have storage spaces for paper, books, magazines, and other stuff related to studying and working.

7. Attic Space

Attic Space

Another great idea is turning your attic into a family living room. This gives you a more spacious place to hang out with your family and friends. Also, you can put all your books and DVDs on display because you have the space to do so.

8. Colorful Makeover Living Room Conversion

Colorful Makeover Living Room Conversion

Also, because of the space, you can have more seating capacity for your attic living room. Additional seating capacity makes it more comfortable and homey. You can have large padded sofas and chairs. Also, you can put in a window seating area by having cushions in your large window panels; this makes you enjoy the view from your window more.

9. Awesome Attic Home Interior Design with Billiards

Awesome Attic Home Interior Design with Billiards

Or you can turn your attic into an awesome playroom complete with a pool table. You can also play video games and other indoor playing activities. This playroom can be a place for your children to hang out with each other when the weather doesn’t allow them to go outdoors to play. Or it can also serve as a place for adults to enjoy a game of pool and each other’s company when having friends over.

10. Sitting Attic Room

attic living room and dining

You can also turn your attic into a sitting/dining area. This is perfect for when you have quite a number of guests over for dinner. This allows more seats and provides a spacious and not cramped up environment. Your guests can relax and enjoy more also with the help of the view if you have big and wrap around windows.

There are lots of ideas to choose from when transforming your old attic space into a modern and functional area. Just be creative and practical in using the space that your attic has.

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