Traditional Bedside Table with Drawer

Eye-catching and Useful Bedside Tables

Eye-catching and Useful Bedside Tables would be good since it can also be a storage area for your kid’s treasures not only for your kids but also for you. And it would even be more fun if you choose a motif or theme that suits your taste. It can also carry a lamp beside the bed. Bedside tables have always been an indispensable part of a bedroom.

A bedroom would not look complete if there is no bedside table to house your alarm clock and books. However, with the new interior designs for the bedrooms that exist today, it is also important to check on the look of your bedside table. Here are some bedside table ideas that you’ll find innovative, practical, and charming.

1. Vintage and Crafty Inspired Theme

Vintage and Crafty Inspired Theme
For vintage and crafty inspired themes, in lieu of the regular bedside table, use a chest instead. This adds to the dramatic and vintage look for your room. Also a chest allows more storage space for all those clutters in your bedroom. This way you have a beautiful replacement for the usual bedside table.
2. Suitcase Bedside Table Ideas

Or you can use different size of suitcases in a stack to create a bedside table that gives more space for storage and adds more charm to the look of your vintage room. On the very top add a layer of wood or glass table top which you can put your lamp and other bedside necessities on top of.
3. Wooden Ladder Nightstand Ideas

Wooden Ladder Nightstand Ideas
Another idea is to recycle old wooden ladders and turn them into nightstands. Clean and refurnish the recycled ladder well. Make sure that the planks or ladder steps are wide enough to accommodate bedside necessities. This creative and practical idea can contribute to the whole vintage look of you room.
4. Traditional Night Stand Table

Traditional Night Stand Table
Traditional night stands are also still very nice to look at. They are also efficient with the space and give that comfortable and familiar look. Use white or earth tones for this kind of bedside tables as it helps maintain that warm and at ease with feeling.
5. Traditional Bedside Table with Drawer

Traditional Bedside Table with Drawer
Choose traditional bedside tables with drawers and drawer handles. Make sure that the drawers are spacious, can easily be opened and secured. Decorate you bedside traditional bedside table with a vibrant looking lamp.
6. Bedside Table with Shelves

Bedside Table with Shelves
For those who like to read before going to bed, it is necessary to have a bedside table that can hold all the books you want to read. An idea is to have a bedside table with shelves that can accommodate different book sizes. Keep it simple in design so you can achieve that organized look.
7.  Creative Tall Shelves Design

Creative Tall Shelves Design
You can also have a tall shelf that can allocate space for lots of books. Keep the shelf simple and without doors, so it would be easier to locate your books. You can have this attached to a wall so as to avoid it from falling over.Paint it in attractive and bright colours to help boost liveliness in your room.
8. Hanging Bedside Table

Hanging Bedside Table
It is also a good idea to have a hanging bedside table. This way you can use the space under the hanging table for storing away other stuff. Also it is a very recent and fresh idea which adds more to the attractiveness of your room.
9. Hanging Bedside Table with Drawer

Hanging Bedside Table with Drawer
A hanging bedside table is also a very practical idea, as it uses less materials but still give the same quantity of space for storage. Add a drawer without handles to your bedside table to increase that modern feel of your bedside table. Use paint that would complement and blend well with the whole theme of the bedroom.
10. Zigzag Formed Bedside Table

Zigzag Formed Bedside Table
Modern night stands are in unusual shapes but still are functional in acting as a storage space. Modern designs are usually characterized with storage shelves that are arranged creatively like a zigzag formed bedside table. A zigzag table has a form that creates spaces in the back or the front which can result to contributing to the creativity and efficiency of your bedside table.

Choosing the right bedside table for you should depend on the whole theme of the bedroom. Make sure that the bedside table goes well with the whole picture of the room. Also put in mind that a night stand can also serve as a storage space, so keep it organized and uncluttered.

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