Elegant Canopy Beds For Sophisticated Bedrooms

Canopy beds are a trend that has survived the ages to dictate elegance, class, and luxury in the bedroom.  As time goes on, the trend has adapted and we’ve been able to buy canopy beds much more easily, and their shapes have changed to suit modern and contemporary homes, as well as smaller homes. However, there still remains a market and a huge demand for luxury beds, it’s important that we give ourselves the space to relax properly in our homes. And what better way to achieve that than with a huge, canopy bed? Initially created as a means for privacy, which also translated as luxury, canopies are now a measure of grandness and decoration.

Have a look at these interesting canopy beds in a range of different styles to see which would be the best for you, and which are best for a king or queen!

1. Traditional Wooden Canopy Bed

Four poster bed built with solid dark wood

A four poster bed built with solid dark wood and ornate decoration. This is the traditional and classic canopy bed that has transcended centuries.

2. Classic Frills

Elegant canopy bed

For even more of a classic look, add thick drapes with lots of texture, colours and frills and a look that shows no limits.

3. Overhanging Canopy

Bed with a simple overhanging canopy

A bed with a simple overhanging canopy instead of a four poster can look as grand, but this won’t limit your view or your bed space.

4. Bedside Drapes

Smaller canopy

This smaller canopy that covers only the headboard area of the bed adds elegance and classiness but isn’t overbearing on the rest of the room.

5. Ethereal White Drapes

Elegant canopy bed

For a modern fairy tale feel, go for modern minimal colour palette, lots of texture and light conducting drapes.

6. Ceiling Canopy

Room with sloped ceiling

Rooms with sloped ceilings can sometimes cut parts of the room off. Cheat this and create an illusion of grandeur by attaching a canopy to your ceiling beams.

7. Fairytale DIY Drapes

 Four poster bed with drapes

Make your own drapes for a four poster bed by wrapping a thin sheet of chiffon fabric around your bed frame. The thickness and colour is completely your choice.

8. It’s All In The Detail

Bedroom with a canopy bed

Make your canopy bed your own by mixing the colours and themes of your bedroom to create your own perfect balance, quirks and all.

9. Close Yourself Off From The World

Bed with a large canopy veil

A bed is where you should close yourself off from the world. Create a barrier between your bed and your bedroom with a large canopy veil.

10. Elaborate Surroundings

Match your elaborate and ornate bed to your surroundings

Match your elaborate and ornate bed to your surroundings. Be bold in your design and jump in with two feet to create a classic and wondrous bedroom.

If canopy beds are your thing, consider what makes you like them so much. Is the idea of privacy, the feeling of luxury, or the way it fills a space?

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