small white and black bedroom

Designing Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can be suffocating at times. The best thing to do for a small bedroom is maximize all the spaces. Choose the right furniture and do not put so many things in one room to avoid suffocation to the owner and guests. There are a few things that you can do to have a sophisticated and relaxing bedroom for only a small space.

Create an eye-catching spot to establish hierarchy in your room. Usually, the focal point of the room is the head of the bed. But in a small space, your eye would be fixed into the window. So for a better eye-catching point, put the bed in front of the window. Keep things open by having a small bedroom. It is smarter to have a storage bed. In this manner, your bed would have multiple functions. Keep the middle of the room open to make it feel bigger. You can have a dark bedroom but a cozy one or a bright room where you can boost the light entering your room. It is best that you keep your room tidy and have storage to keep your things.

1. Choose a charming lighting

brown and white bedroom design

Image source: meredith

Choose a charming lighting like this chandelier. You can also have a structural table lamp for lighting. Have a tall headboard to give an illusion of height to the room. Decorate your personal space with something that can make you happy.

2. Embracing the natural light

small blue and white bedroom
Embracing the natural light is a good idea for your bedroom. This will help the room feel light and airy. Have light blocking shades for optimal light control.

3.  Hang window treatments

small white and blue bedroom

Image source:  meredith
If you want your room to seem taller, hang window treatments closer to the ceiling.

4.  Storage

light green small bedroom design
Being smart about storage is what you should do in a small bedroom. Have a nightstand with drawers and shelves. You can also install a floating shelf for more storage.

5.  Storage Position

small bedroom in loft
This is an example of an attic converted into a small bedroom. Have shelves by the wall for storage and a small lamp by the wall for lighting purposes. You can also have a desk for studying or just doing some things.

6.  Bed Position

pretty green and white bedroom
The bed in this bedroom is slightly overlapping the two windows. The placement provides ample walkways.

7.   Add  Mirrors

small bedroom with wall mirror
By adding a mirror to your bedroom, it will create a trick that can expand the room visually. For a more intimate and enclosed space, close the curtains and hide the mirror. The tall mirror makes the room appear to be much larger.

8.  Patterns

small bedroom with color patterns
A suzani patterned tapestry serves as an eye-catching headboard in this bedroom. This is to create drama in your room.

9.  Furniture Styles

small aqua and white bedroom
In a small bedroom, have furniture with round edges. This will keep up with floor spaces and help widen the walkways.

10.  light and crisp colors for the furniture

small white and black bedroom

Image source: meredith

If you have a lower ceiling, you can still make it appear larger with light and crisp colors for the furniture. This bedroom also has two lamps by the headboard for lighting. The bed is placed in front of the window to let the light pass through in the morning.

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